If You Were Hiring Someone for This Position, What Would You Be Looking For?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Qualities Would You Look For in an Employee?

Goal of the Question

Though “If you were hiring someone for this position, what would you be looking for?” isn’t a common interview question, candidates should still be prepared for it.

Managers might ask this for one or two reasons. First, they want to know that hopefuls have a complete picture of the job’s expectations. Second, they may be trying to get a better understanding of the traits an interviewee values as a worker.

Responses to Avoid

Taking the approaches below could work against potential employees in the interview process:

  • Brushing off the question – Though honesty is the best policy, simply saying “I don’t know” shows candidates can’t follow directions, and it seems apathetic.
  • Going through your resume – If applicants only list their own accomplishments, with no eye toward the job requirements, it demonstrates a lack of thought.
  • Answering without reading the job posting – While broad replies are fine in a pinch, it’s always best to relate back to the company’s specific needs.

Crafting a Well-Rounded Answer

In order to respond to “What would you look for if you were hiring for this position?” well, a prospective employee must do two things. First, read over the job posting and the company website. The former provides specific attributes to highlight, while the latter offers general employer values.

Next, applicants should prepare to give concise examples of how they possess the qualities listed. Workers who have relevant experience could use the opportunity to talk about the skills they’ve developed at similar jobs.

Sample Answers

Hopefuls can use the following examples of how to answer “What qualities would you look for in an employee?” to guide their own prep. However, job seekers should be sure responses are unique and truthful.

Sample Answer 1 – Fast Food Team Member

“If I were hiring for this position, I would look for a worker with a proven ability to multitask. I know from my experiences serving that being able to focus on multiple things at once and complete tasks efficiently keeps customers happy.”

“In addition to balancing responsibilities, you need someone who’s good at coordinating with others. I had to be very vocal about which job duties I took on to keep everything running smoothly. Communication saved the whole team from redundancies and mistakes.”

Sample Answer 2 – Shoe Store Attendant

“I think the most important quality for a new hire is politeness. When you’re helping shoppers, the right approach makes all the difference. I’ve worked in customer service, and I always greeted people with a smile and a can-do attitude. It put them at ease.”

“Organizational skills are also necessary for the job. To leave an impression on patrons, stores must be clean and orderly. I like to create lists to prioritize tasks. That way, I can stay ahead of schedule and have extra time to straighten my work area.”

Responding to “If You Were Hiring for this Position, What Would You Be Looking For?”

Remember to get ready for a job interview by noting the employer’s ideals and the duties of the role. Consider what makes a strong worker too, and use all of this in a response. A great reply shows how the interviewee would fit in at the company.

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