If I Were to Ask Your Last Supervisor What Training You Require, What Would She Say?

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Questions About Performance At Past Jobs

Employers often ask candidates about past work performances at previous jobs. A popular inquiry many hiring managers ask includes, “If I asked your former supervisor about the types of training she thinks you still need, what would she say?” While the interview question potentially requires very specific responses, applicants should offer nothing in the way of negative or personally detrimental information. Focus on the job at hand and try to relate the duties or expectations of the new position with past jobs.

Preparing an Answer
In most cases, recruitment representatives look for hardworking individuals honest about professional motivations and dedicated attitudes. Some prospective employees find trouble thinking of certifications or training necessary for new lines of work. Other job seekers may immediately think of multiple areas where involved training may help upon hire. Regardless of past jobs or training, workers should use the prompt to talk about problem areas experienced personally in the workplace and offer plans or suggestions for training to address the issues.

Focus Responses on Career Aspirations
Applicants aspiring to become managers should center further discussions related to the question of what training candidates feel former supervisors may recommend if asked on skills and abilities of successful leaders. Entry-level job hopefuls should highlight lack of training in one or two specific areas but personally provide options to show insight and self-awareness as professionals. Job seekers at the entry-level should also mention managerial training courses to further demonstrate interest in the new company and motivation to move up and perform at high levels.

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  1. Scott O. Harris

    My last employer would say that I am qualified for this position and would be able to get the work done.


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