If You Had Enough Money to Retire Right Now, Would You?

Job Interview Question & Answer

Why Employers Ask It

Asking job hopefuls, “If you had enough money to retire now, would you?” remains a common interview question. Generally, employers ask interviewees about hypotheticals involving retirement to assess attitudes toward work. Individuals motivated solely by money, and therefore likely to respond positively to such a question, tend to make lazy or incompetent workers. Interviewers want to stand sure of individual commitment and longevity, as the hiring process and training persist as an investment in candidates.

How To Answer The Question

Focusing on Personal and Professional Goals

Hopefuls should always answer interview questions honestly but in such a way showing consideration for the company. A simple Yes or No lacks depth. Employers want more thoughtful answers. The most complete and successful responses include brief descriptions of why job candidates feel as though retiring would prove the best option or not. Focus on how contributing to the company would foster personal growth. Interviewees may even mention specific career goals and how retirement would stand in the way of such ambitions.

Answering as a Soon-To-Be Retiree

Additionally, interviewees close to retirement age may lose out on job opportunities when revealing too much information about retirement plans. Employers must invest time and money into hiring new associates and revealed intentions to leave jobs after brief periods deters interviewers from considering individuals. Job hopefuls in such situations should reiterate worth and intentions to contribute to society as long as possible. Concisely and loosely describing retirement plans allows candidates to remain honest while still receiving consideration for available work.

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