What Are You Looking for in Terms of Advancement Potential and Career Growth?

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Career Advancement Questions in Interviews

When employers hire new workers, managers must consider the immediate company needs and potential future elements of the business. Consequently, interviewers often ask job seekers questions about advancement potential and career growth to determine candidate prospects. Job seekers should take care to answer such questions in the proper manner. The goal of career advancement questions largely remains determining if candidates fit company needs in both the long-term and short-term. Correct replies about career goals may make the difference between obtaining jobs and not receiving calls from employers. Try to keep descriptions of aspirations relevant to jobs at hand.

Showing Realistic Initiative
Interviewers want to see drive and initiative from candidates when asking about advancement desires. Applicants without clear goals for the future or defined career aspirations often seem like bad investments to employers. Answer questions about advancement potential honestly and in detail. Hiring personnel prefer to employ job seekers motivated to work hard toward personal dreams because such individuals typically put more effort into labor and employment responsibilities. However, candidates should remain realistic with replies about career goals. Keep aspirations manageable and sensible.

Tempering Goals with Reason
Applicants must avoid overeager sentiments when responding to career growth questions, as well. Interviewers may become uncomfortable hiring applicants determined to quickly advance through the ranks and potentially threaten the jobs of said interviewers. Express a flexible timetable to meet goals within and reiterate enthusiasm for the position at hand. Employers do not want to hire candidates unable to focus on current responsibilities due to obsession with promotion and advancement.

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