Job Interview Question & Answer: What Is Your Philosophy Toward Work?

Responding to Open-ended Questions about Work Philosophy

Interviewers ask job candidates “What is your philosophy toward work?” to learn about individual personalities. Essentially, candidates must highlight relevant personal strengths to employers in answer to the question. Emphasize work ethics, passion for applicable career fields, and positive qualities such as focus, resourcefulness, and motivation. Bear in mind the demands of the position at hand, as well. Staffing managers want to hire individuals who fit with company culture. Applicants should use questions on the subject as opportunities to display goals and methodologies desirable for particular jobs. Give concrete examples of work philosophies in action to demonstrate the effectiveness of said approaches.

Preparation and Delivery
Applicants regularly benefit from considering suitable responses beforehand given the reflective nature of the interview question. Preparing responses may help eliminate on-the-spot wondering and stalling for answers during the interview. Ultimately, candidates should strive to keep replies direct and concise. Applicants must also show confidence through responses on the subject, as work philosophies remain personal commitments. If job seekers seem hesitant or conflicted about answers, interviewers may infer candidates do not actually stand for the professed ideology given.

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