What Kind of Person Will You Refuse to Work With?

Job Interview Question & Answer

Trick Question: Avoiding Blunders

Why Interviewers Ask
Job seekers should remain cautious when faced with the question, “What kind of person will you refuse to work with?” Though interviewees may possess genuine, well-planned responses, the question persists as a trap of sorts. Employers value flexible and willing workers over individuals prone to conflict. Giving a list of traits job candidates feel unable to cooperate with raises red flags for hiring personnel. As employers desire long-term associates who easily adapt to the demands and duties of jobs, hopefuls should aim to appear open-minded and gracious.

Preparing Answers
Interviewees should strive to impress upon employers readiness to deal and work with diverse sets of personalities and people. Though honesty persists as an important factor to any answer, hiring personnel may refuse to consider job candidates who come across as petty or challenging. In order to avoid lying, as well as negatively impacting consideration, hopefuls should focus responses on abilities to learn and grow through contact with differing coworkers. Emphasize enthusiasm for and capability to gain skills, training, and unique points of view from all sorts of associates and managers.

Additional Considerations
Though the aforementioned response remains most favorable, job seekers vary answers by focusing on company needs. Candidates should never outright refuse to work with any kind of person; however, some stipulations persist as acceptable and worth mentioning. Illegal activity, violence, and detrimental disloyalty to employers stand unacceptable. Centering answers on the protection of companies often earns favor with hiring personnel.

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