If We Were to Give You the Salary You Want, but Let You Write Your Own Job Description, What Would it Say?

Job Interview Question & Answer

Use Caution

Common Forms
When employers ask open-ended questions about salary and job responsibilities, applicants generally should keep responses cautious and concise. For example, if interviewers ask “If we were to give you the salary you want, but let you write your own job description, what would it say?” candidates should speak to the position at hand. Indicating a preference for work other than what the employer offers shows a lack of interest and a poor fit for the job. Tailor the reply to the desires of the employer by mentioning relevant skills and previous experience in order to display suitability for the position.

Do Not Rewrite The Job Description
By expressing interest in the job at hand and describing work responsibilities identical to company needs, interviewees show desire for the specific type of employment. Avoid falling prey to a trick question and attempting to create a totally new job description. Applicants do not necessarily possess the qualifications required to determine position responsibilities best suited to employer needs. In addition, refrain from directly mentioning salary figures. Job-search experts recommend deferring to another subject or stating the need for more information before disclosing salary preference.

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