Job Interview Question & Answer: Why Should I Hire You?

Convincing Others To Hire You

Open-ended interview questions like, “Why should I hire you?” may seem daunting at first but actually offer job hunters opportunities to make strong cases for employment. Responding to the question represents an ideal time to talk about personal and professional abilities. In order to succeed, applicants need to spend time preparing answers. The inquiry regularly comes up in interviews across all industries. Preparation allows workers to organize thoughts and ideas and avoid rambling or exhausting a single subject.

How to Prepare

Before interviewing, come up with a couple of different responses to, “Why should I hire you?” Focus answers on tangible details about professional work histories or personality traits. The best responses combine examples from past jobs in relation to personality traits and vice versa. Motivated workers should talk about spear-heading projects and provide details about the projects from beginning to end. The information shared with hiring personnel should reflect the demands of the desired position. Applicants looking for work in the auto industry should provide detailed accounts of working in similar settings or carrying out similar daily responsibilities and talk specifically about the lessons or abilities learned in past jobs.

Always Have a Backup
Applicants should prepare more than one response specific to each desired position in order to ensure success. Spending time creating more than one answer may lead to drawing unique conclusions and reveal character traits otherwise unnoticed. The more time spent thinking of responses to the interview questions prior to participating in actual interviews may help candidates avoid getting tongue tied or from appearing nervous. Practice responses out loud to catch inconsistencies and make sure to memorize or outline backup responses.

Provide a Solution
If possible, talk about a problem or pressing issue facing the desired industry and come up with an answer. First, research the conflicts or troubles the problems present. Next, relate past work histories to the problems faced by a potential employer with specific details. Then, talk about ambition to become part of the solution and how personal abilities and desires include solving problems. Finally, offer a solution. Painting candidacy as a solution to problems faced in certain industries may play out as gambles in some more than others; however, candidates able to research effectively and construct arguments accordingly may impress hiring personnel and greatly increase odds of employment.

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3 thoughts on “Job Interview Question & Answer: Why Should I Hire You?

  1. Alex Goar

    I have respect for everyone, no matter what their position is to me, and I’m always putting others before myself so there would never be a time when I was putting myself before a customer or before my job. You would always know that I’m getting what I need to get done no matter what under any circumstance.


    The only way to answer this question by knowing exactly what the job description says they are looking for. Why is the position open, what are their needs and requirements? Every generic applicant will be a “hard worker” and “will get the job done.” The candidate who prepares herself with only a few minutes of company research will provide informed, intelligent responses that leave an impression. It will speak of your commitment to the job, and your resourcefulness in preparation. You will make it clear that you sincerely want the job and that you are willing to work for it. You are always one of the many hard workers, but now you’ve greatly improved your chances right from the start.

    Set yourself apart by showing the interviewer that you know what areas of the business require your attention, and that you are the perfect candidate to address them all. Remember that at this point your work is strictly for the benefit of the company. They love that. The conversation should be easy from then on. Remember if no offer is given, ask for the next interview, the person & his info, even the date.

  3. K

    If you say the same thing as everyone else does that is not a reason to hire you. So, don’t just say you will do your best to get the job done. Give it meaning and reasoning.

    I’m going through these questions to help myself out with my first interview.

    If I got this question I think I would say something along the lines of “I’m a friendly person who would be respectful not only to you but the costumers and co-workers. I’m reliable and willing to work whenever I am needed and don’t like to mess things up when working towards something”

    I have a job interview at a grocery store.


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