Job Interview Question & Answer: Why Would You Like to Work Here?

Why Hiring Personnel Ask It

Workers apply for jobs and attend interviews for two basic reasons: to become employed and earn paychecks. However, when asked about reasons for choosing a certain position or company to work for, applicants need more than just basic responses. Employers use questions like, “Why do you want to work here?” to gauge personal and professional reasons candidates hold for submitting applications and seeking specific jobs.

Research the Company
Some of the best ways to impress hiring managers in response to questions about interests in joining a company include talking about potential work environments and business operations, as employers enjoy hearing positives about company operations. Before attending job interviews, research the potential employer and look into aspects of services, business models, or employee retention programs to bring up in conversation when asked. Paying specific compliments to services, products, or the way the company treats employees stands out to hiring personnel and may increase employment prospects.

Things to Avoid
Talking about money when asked, “Why do you want to work here?” creates a surefire way to turn hiring managers away. Another common mistake applicants make includes talking badly about previous jobs. Settling on a company for the money or because of contempt for an old or current employer only casts a negative light on chances for hire. Using the prompt to talk about goals or positive challenges the new company offers instead of basic, understood needs or indiscretions shows motivation and drive above expectations.

Tell Them Where You Found Them
Employers also love hearing where candidates heard about the job opening or company culture. Cite, specifically, where the ad or job posting sat, i.e. online, newspaper, friend, and mention positive attributes about the posting or endorsement made in the ad or by peers. Job seekers should also mention personal feelings the ads or endorsements created and what ultimately led to the decision to apply. However, if mentioning an endorsement from a peer, remember to choose someone in obvious good standing with the company before dropping any names. Association with undesirables may hinder, rather than help, candidate chances.

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