List Any Organizations That You Belong To

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Professional Organizations Do You Belong To?

Reason for the Question

When you go in for an interview, a hiring manager may ask you to tell them about your professional and personal affiliations. Companies like to learn what potential hires like to do in their free time to get a sense of their interests and passions. Additionally, this can show managers if your values align with the company’s goals.

How to Respond

It’s a good idea to list any groups or organizations related to the job first. This can show the supervisor that your dedication to the field doesn’t stop when you clock out. Companies also like to see those who volunteer and work with non-profits. If you don’t belong to any organizations, you can list a few relevant hobbies or interests instead.

Responses to Avoid

When discussing which organizations you belong to, never lie. While it might make you look good to name a few relevant groups in the interview, the employer can easily fact-check your claims afterward. You should also refrain from mentioning any places where you left on bad terms or had your membership revoked.

Sample Responses for “Which Professional Organizations Do You Belong To?”

Make a list of groups or organizations ahead of time so you can provide a prepared and precise answer. You may also want to make a note of the dates when you joined. Use the sample responses below as a guide when answering this question during your interview.

Sample Answer 1 – Tutor

“I’ve been a member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program for a year now. During that time, I’ve gained confidence when dealing and communicating with different types of people. I’ve also learned how to teach and work with kids who just need a little help.”

Sample Answer 2 – Pet Store Retail Worker

“I’ve always loved animals. I have two dogs of my own at home, and I also volunteer at the local animal shelter a few days a week. Helping animals has always been a passion of mine, so I look forward to assisting customers in providing the best possible support for their pets.”

Sample Answer 3 – Bookseller

“I rarely go anywhere without a book in my hand or a story in my head. This led me to create a local book club two years ago. During meetings, we talk about our favorite books and ways to improve literacy awareness throughout the community. I feel that this job would be a great pairing of my love for books and passion for helping others.”

Things to Keep in Mind

Be open and honest about any group affiliations. Showing an employer that you’re dedicated and have a passion for the field or industry is a great way to make a lasting impression. Practice your responses, and explain how belonging to these organizations has positively impacted you and your life.

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