List Any Organizations That You Belong To

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Professional Organizations Do You Belong To?

Reasons Interviewers Bring up the Topic

Participating in a club or organization shows a worker’s dedication. Hiring managers like hearing that candidates spend their free time enriching themselves and helping others. Also, if employers ask “What professional organizations do you belong to?” listing trade groups often addresses essential job duties.

How to Answer “List Any Organizations That You Belong To”

Applicants who have memberships that link to the job should include these first. Any volunteer or nonprofit work looks good to hiring managers as well. It is most important to exhibit enthusiasm and commitment, regardless of the organization.

Those without group experience may talk about relevant hobbies, interests, or career publications. Potential employees can use these to give the staff an idea of how they’d fit in at the company. No matter the response, be sure to relate it to the position or job skills.

Organizations to Avoid

Employers can’t legally ask about social, religious, or political groups, only those linked to trades or careers. Interviewees must stay away from controversial subjects which might leave a negative impression. Job hopefuls should focus on current activities rather than the past.

Possible Responses

Here are some examples of what interviewers look for when asking candidates to list the organizations they are part of. Do not memorize answers, and never provide false information during job interviews.

Sample Answer 1 – New Worker Applying at a Retail Store

“I participate in drama and debate clubs at my high school. I used to be shy, but these organizations helped me gain confidence. I can now comfortably speak in front of people. I am not as timid thanks to my involvement.”

Sample Answer 2 – Interviewing for a Fast Food Job

“I work with volunteers at a soup kitchen a couple times a week. It makes me happy to serve others. I enjoy that it gives me the chance to meet different people and hear about their lives.”

Sample Answer 3 – Job Interview for an Experienced Secretary

“I belong to the American Society of Administrative Professionals to keep up with career development. I also tutor kids in math through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I love working with people, and it feels good to see them learn and grow.”

Stay Calm When Responding to “List Any Organizations that You Belong To”

The interview process can be daunting. However, dedicated workers use prompts such as this to display how they’d be a great employee. Always be honest, and mention an organization or club that relates to the job.

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