Tell Me about a Time You Went Above and Beyond Duties

Job Interview Question & Answer: Tell Me about a Time You Went Above and Beyond Requirements

Why Interviewers Discuss This

During job interviews, hiring managers want to learn as much about a candidate as they can. These kinds of prompts make applicants reflect on their work history. This is a good way for employers to see how past experiences might inform the future.

This is a two-way street because it also allows potential hires to demonstrate personal values that would serve the company. Doing so can improve their odds in the hiring process.

How to Answer “Tell Me about a Time You Went Above and Beyond Duties”

The prompt gives applicants a chance to highlight strengths which might not have been covered already. Through smart answers, hopefuls show they are driven and proactive. Examples from previous jobs make effective choices, but those without experience can mention clubs or school.

Some candidates may have difficulty coming up with a specific instance. Don’t panic. Instead, try to describe general practices undertaken that exhibit good work ethic and initiative. Since the interviewer is interested in learning of a prospective employee’s habits and attitudes, this type of response will still give a clear idea.

Sample Answers

While below are a few examples of how to respond to “Tell me about a time you went above and beyond requirements,” these are only for reference. Applicants should draw from their own past to come up with honest replies.

Sample Answer 1 – Cafe Job for a Candidate with No Work Experience

“Sometimes going above and beyond means anticipating what is expected of you, and doing it before you’re asked. I try to keep a healthy attitude of being proactive rather than reactive. For instance, if I notice dishes beginning to pile up, and have time, I will do them instead of waiting for someone to tell me.”

Sample Answer 2 – Experienced Retail Worker

“At my last job, customers would often ask me for items from other departments. Since it was out of my area of focus, I didn’t have the info, but I knew who did. Rather than simply tell people where to go and point them in the right direction, I escorted the patrons to a worker in the department who could better help.”

Tips to Remember for “Tell Me about a Time When You Went Above and Beyond Duties”

Think back to past jobs for a great example. Choose one that illustrates strong work ethic and values. If candidates don’t have a specific experience, they can explain methods they use to go above and beyond in everyday life. Try to keep these things in mind to pass smoothly through the interview process.

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