When Was The Most Fun You Ever Had On A Job?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Tell Me About The Most Fun You Ever Experienced On The Job

How To Respond

Answers to “What is the most fun you’ve had on the job?” or questions similar in nature often vary. While no one single method provides the best response, candidates should take care and avoid divulging information detrimental or disparaging to personal or professional character. Instead, workers should use the opportunity to talk about instances of accomplishment, teamwork, or overcoming adversity in relation to the overall successes of previous employers. Making friends at working and celebrating professional relationships often represents one of the most fun aspects of work; however, applicants want to limit the information shared with potential managers or supervisors.

Talk about Accomplishments or Successes
Meeting or exceeding goals culminates in celebration, with the process of completing a goal often the most satisfying aspect of work. Maybe a new skill developed as a result of a plan of action eventually accomplished by the office or individually. Did the accomplishment support any professional expectations or teach something new? Focus on aspects of learning, growing, or coming together as an individual or as a group of professionals on the job to impress hiring managers and demonstrate a fun yet serious attitude toward work.

Talk about Teamwork
Managers enjoy hearing about positive comradery in the workplace, especially in job settings with multiple employees in smaller confines. The ability to work well with others factors into the hiring decisions across dozens of industries. Highlight enjoyment derived from working with coworkers from past projects or jobs. A brief admission of enjoying collaborative work or meeting new people often clues recruiters into candidate abilities to adapt well in team-oriented or customer-centric environments.

Why Employers Ask It

Interview questions regarding fun on the job expose candidate work ethics, sometimes accidentally. Unprepared applicants may unwittingly share information regarding behavioral infractions or talk about social aspects of working as opposed to expressing fulfillment from accomplishing goals that lead to company success. “Tell me about the most fun you’ve ever had on the job,” regularly provides a telling glimpse into the potential commitment of each potential employee. Many employers view candidates who talk about professional pride and enjoyment derived from completing tasks or working alongside others as positive and desirable attributes generally leading to mutual beneficial situations for managers and subordinates alike.

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