Tell Me About A Fun Job Experience

Job Interview Question & Answer: Tell Me About A Fun Job Experience

Reason for the Question

An interviewer might ask you to share a fun experience at a previous job to gain insight into your work ethic. Your response shows how much you value company time and whether or not you always put work first. While this unconventional interview question can seem safe and relatively harmless, it could also expose less-desirable traits in applicants.

How to Respond

Giving an answer to a question like, “What is the most fun you’ve had at work?” offers you the opportunity to highlight your ability to find joy in your job. Many times, enjoyable aspects of employment involve interacting with coworkers to accomplish a common goal, and sharing a positive experience shows you are a team player.

Responses to Avoid

When answering a question like, “What is a fun experience you had at your last job?” it’s important to be prepared. Talking about a good time at work should never include situations where you neglected your duties or behaved inappropriately. Recounting experiences that go against a company’s vision is a major red flag for hiring managers.

Examples of How to Answer Interview Questions About A Fun Job Experience

When answering this question, focus your response around a fun work experience that also benefited the company. This approach shows a hiring manager that you understand workplace boundaries and do not seek fun at the expense of the business. Check out the following sample answers to help you develop your response:

Sample Answer 1 – Daycare Teaching Assistant

“Every day was a joy working with those kids, but there was one time in particular that stands out. I worked with the other teachers to arrange a fun little party for the kids and their parents during the holidays. We had music, desserts, and learning activities for the younger children. It was so much fun to collaborate with my coworkers and arrange it all.”

Sample Answer 2 – Restaurant Cook

“A fun experience I had at my last job was a competitive cook-off the managers arranged last summer. We had a friendly competition to see which cook made the best dish, and the rest of the team decided the winner. It was a great team-building exercise, and I learned a lot of new cooking tricks that I still use today.”

Sample Answer 3 – Retail Associate

“The most fun I’ve ever had at work was a scavenger hunt we had at the store one year. We worked in teams to find different products on a list. I loved it because it gave everyone the opportunity to talk with coworkers they might not know that well. It also helped newer employees learn the store layout.”

Things to Keep in Mind

If an interviewer asks you to tell them about a fun job experience, remember to frame your response positively. Sharing a situation that was both enjoyable to you and beneficial to the company is ideal. Try to focus your reply around a moment where you worked collaboratively with coworkers or a time your job brought you joy.

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