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Job Interview Question & Answer: Tell Me More About You

What Employers Are Looking For

Usually the first question asked during an interview, “Tell me about yourself” proves surprisingly difficult for most job seekers. Without preparation, interviewees tend to give the wrong facts and may come across as inarticulate. Focusing on irrelevant personal information may even persist as detrimental to chances of hire. When asking such a question, employers really want to know what skills, training, and education accrued in the past make interviewees ideal for available work. Candidates should always relate the question back to the job.

How to Respond
The best way to conquer the question remains treating the answer as an elevator pitch. For individuals unfamiliar with the idea, elevator pitches summarize skills and achievements, with deliveries theoretically occurring in the same amount of time as a shared elevator ride. Elevator pitches persist as ways to promote worth and should remain brief and focused. Similarly, when job hopefuls answer “Tell me about yourself”, highlights should consist of important accomplishments and information employers would want to know regarding the abilities of candidates to properly do available work. Three main points to touch on include education, employment, and skills. Additionally, answers should not take more time than a minute or two.

Additional Considerations

As the goal of answering such a question persists as leaving good impressions with interviewers, job candidates should consider creative ways to demonstrate value. Stories with concrete examples of skills stand memorable and may engage hiring personnel. Employers place worth on attributes such as confidence and passion, so hopefuls should remain charming and friendly. Lastly, scripting and practicing answers can also prove beneficial as job seekers receive judgment based on presentation as much as content.

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