What Are the Positive Character Traits You Don’t Have?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Focusing On Building The Positive Character Traits To Earn A Position

Tricky Interview Questions are All About Character
Part of the family of interview questions designed to reveal the weaknesses of job seekers, inquiries like “What are the positive character traits you don’t have?” frequently come across as tricky and difficult to answer. After all, disclosing personal shortcomings at a job interview seems counterintuitive and foolish at first glance. However, responding to tricky interview questions reveals how prospective employees react under pressure. Interviewees therefore need to remain poised and positive when discussing a lack of certain character traits.

Focusing on the Best Traits for a Job
To answer the question effectively, job seekers should focus on character traits irrelevant to the core responsibilities of the desired position. By focusing on traits of secondary importance, applicants answer the question without raising significant doubts about ability to perform the job. For example: a candidate interviewing for a customer service position would want to avoid mentioning a lack of interpersonal skills, as public interactions remain central to the specific type of role. Job seekers should also refrain from lying or claiming possession of every positive character trait possible, as employers know everyone has shortcomings.

Having a Plan of Action Typically Leads to Job Offers
In addition to remaining honest and focusing on character traits not directly related to the job, frame the response to the question in a positive way. After revealing the lack of a certain trait, briefly outline a general plan for addressing the issue and show excitement for the opportunity to develop the specific attribute. Outlining a plan and showing enthusiasm for developing the missing character trait demonstrates awareness, preparedness, and the motivation necessary for landing the job.

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