What Can You Bring to this Company?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Can You Bring to the Team?

Why Do Employers Ask This Question?

Hiring managers ask “What can you bring to this company?” for two reasons. First, they want to make sure the applicant’s skills match the job opening. Second, it shows that the potential hire knows the business and what it needs to be successful.

Preparing to Reply to the Question

These types of questions might seem daunting. However, prospective employees who review their abilities and research the company shouldn’t have problems. Before the interview process, look up the business’s mission to consider which traits align with it.

Common Mistakes

When asked this question, many fail to address the right job-related skills or apply them correctly. Generic answers are unfavorable to hiring staff in interviews. Applicants should avoid basic responses like:

  • “I’m a team player with a good attitude.”
  • “I’m a hard worker who gets the job done.”
  • “I enjoy learning new things.”

Instead, focus on specific scenarios where you showed job skills and found success. The STAR method works well for this question. First, explain a situation in which you used your knowledge. Then, state the task that was required and the action you took to complete it. Last, highlight the positive result.

Sample Answers

Knowing how to answer “What can you bring to the team?” may help interviewees in the hiring process. The examples below give an idea of what management looks for in responses. Remember that replies need to speak to an individual’s experience, so these shouldn’t be memorized.

Sample Answer 1 – Fast Food Job

“I can bring a calm, level head to stressful situations. Where I used to work, I sometimes had to deal with difficult customers. Calming them down was hard, but I was able to talk without getting upset or defensive. I solved their problems efficiently. Our negative reviews decreased after I started.”

Sample Answer 2 – Secretary Position

“I have a strong willingness to learn. Once, the company I worked for received new scheduling software that nobody knew how to run. I took my own time to study the program and mastered it quickly. In turn, I helped the other workers, and we created schedules with 25 percent less errors.”

Sample Answer 3 – Retail Work

“I have a keen eye for details and apply it to my work. At my last job, we would set up signage when new products came in. I became the go-to person to build displays because of my attention to detail. I had a knack for knowing where to place designs around the store to make them appealing for patrons.”

Main Takeaways

When it comes down to it, effectively answering the question depends on the ability to relate skills to necessary work. Remember the following while preparing to respond in a job interview:

  • Identify a distinct, helpful, relevant personal quality.
  • Use the STAR method to speak about specific situations.
  • Talk about how these cases yielded positive results.
  • Avoid simple, generic replies.

Keeping all of this in mind will help candidates provide the best possible answer to “What can you bring to the company?”

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