What Can You Bring to This Company?

Job Interview Question and Answer: What Value Can You Bring to the Team?

Why Do Employers Ask This Question?

There are two main reasons why hiring managers ask, “What can you offer this company as an employee?” First, your answer can help them make sure that your skills match the job you’re applying for. Second, it allows them to gauge your passion for your work, as well as your drive and commitment to making the company more successful.

Preparing to Answer the Interview Question

Though these types of questions may seem daunting, all it takes is a bit of research to give a good answer. Start by making a list of your best qualities, such as your dependability, friendly demeanor, or attention to detail. After that, look up the company’s mission statement and consider which of your personal traits align with the goals of the business.

Common Mistakes

When interviewers ask, “What can you bring to this company”, avoid giving a generic response. Applicants should avoid answers like:

  • “I’m a team player with a good attitude.”
  • “I’m a hard worker who gets the job done.”
  • “I enjoy learning new things.”

Instead, use the STAR method to describe a specific scenario where you successfully used your skills on the job and had a positive outcome.

  • S = Situation: Set the scene for the scenario.
  • T = Task: Describe the challenge and explain what needed to be done.
  • A = Action: Explain what you did to solve the problem.
  • R = Result: Share the positive outcome of your actions and how it benefited the workplace.

Sample Answers

Here are a few sample answers for the question, “How can you improve this company?” While these examples can help job seekers get through the interview process, remember that your responses need to reflect your own individual experiences. Draw from your own work history rather than memorizing answers.

Sample Answer 1- Fast Food Job

“I can bring a calm, level head to stressful situations. Where I used to work I sometimes had to deal with difficult customers. Calming them down was hard, but by staying calm and not being defensive, I was able to assess individual needs and find solutions. I was so efficient at solving problems that our company began to receive fewer and fewer negative reviews.”

Sample Answer 2- Pharmacy Position

“I have a strong willingness to learn. Once, the company I worked for received new scheduling software that nobody knew how to run. I took my own time to study the program and mastered it quickly. I then helped the other workers figure it out, which reduced errors by 25%.

Sample Answer 3- Retail Work

“I have a keen eye for details and apply it to my work every day. At my last job, I had a knack for designing and placing signage for new merchandise in ways that would appeal to our shoppers. Because of this, I became the go-to person for setting up displays around the store.

Main Takeaways

When it comes to answering, “What can you bring to this company?” be sure to mention positive character traits that would make you an asset to the team. Also, remember to identify a specific moment from your work history that applies to the job opening and showcases your skills.

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