What Challenges Will You Face Here?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Which Job Duties Will Be Hard For You?

Purpose of the Question

During the interview process, candidates can receive questions that need a little thought. Similar to “What are your weaknesses?” this question serves several purposes. When the interviewee lists job-specific challenges, hiring managers can see if they understand the duties of the position. Interviewers will also look for critical thought, honesty, and an ability to think under pressure.

How to Answer “What Challenges Will You Face Here?”

Hopefuls should learn as much as they can about the position before the job interview. Get a keen understanding of the requirements and any hardships they might cause. Select a task you feel will pose a challenge. Then explain a few steps to take that could help overcome it.

Responses to Avoid

Questions like “What is your greatest fear about this position?” reveal applicants’ concerns early in the hiring process. Instead of simply dwelling on weaknesses, use this question to address fears head-on and discuss how to conquer them. Employers want to see that potential hires are self-aware and proactive. When choosing a challenge to address:

  • Don’t choose a core job requirement. For example, applicants interviewing for a tutoring job should not choose teaching others as their greatest challenge, as it may make them look unqualified.
  • Avoid picking a personality trait. While character is hard to change, refining a skill or picking up a new process is a deficit that is easy to fix.
  • Resist the urge to give a vague answer. A hiring manager will notice responses that are less than truthful. It may also appear as if the interviewee is unaware of his or her weaknesses.

Example Responses

The following answers give applicants some idea of how to address questions like “What will be your greatest challenge?” Rather than memorizing them, use these samples as a guide to approach the topic and determine the kinds of challenges to describe.

Sample Answer 1 – Retail Employment

“I worry that I may become overwhelmed by the crowd of customers during peak business hours. However, if I work with one person at a time, I believe I can stay calm, avoid distraction, and be attentive and helpful. I’m also willing to seek advice from other employees.”

Sample Answer 2 – Delivery Driver Job

“I am nervous about getting the order to a customer as fast as possible. I know the neighborhood well, but there are some areas I’m not as familiar with. By using maps and GPS during delivery, I’m confident I can avoid confusion and improve my navigation skills.”

Sample Answer 3 – Daycare Job

“I am sure of my ability to keep children’s day on a consistent schedule, but I know I will be unfamiliar with your company’s procedures. If I study training materials, coordinate with coworkers, and communicate with managers, I am certain I can provide the same, positive experience your clients have come to expect.”

Interview Preparation Tips

To effectively reply to this question, research the position before applying. Follow this simple process to create an answer that shows awareness of your weaknesses and a strategy to overcome them:

  • Break the job down into its major duties.
  • Imagine the types of daily tasks that might be tough as a worker.
  • Choose a realistic example where that role might present a difficulty.
  • Provide a clear plan for addressing it.

Keeping these things in mind will help you give a strong response to “Which job duties will be hard for you?” during the interview process.

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