What Computer Programs Are You Familiar With?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Kinds of Software Do You KNow?

Demonstrating Technological Soundness May Prove Beneficial to Hiring Professionals

Only Focus on What You Know
Over the last two or three decades, job prospects seem tied to the ever-growing technology available to the public. In order to perform even the most routine tasks may require understanding different computer programs and operating systems. Job interviewers frequently ask candidates about familiarity with such programs in order to determine whether or not an applicant proves fit for a position. In order to impress upon hiring managers an ability to learn and grow with the times, each aspirant should profess any and all knowledge of computer programs relevant to the job at hand. Never project an understanding of more than actual proficiencies, as dishonesty may eventually disqualify candidates from consideration.

Demonstrate the Knowledge Possessed
Inquiries related to familiarity with computer-based programming depends on the job applied for. Entry-level work utilizing computer programs may differ from job to job. When asked which computer programs a job seeker maintains familiarity with, describing which software and hardware actually used with regularity remains key. Expressing a willing to learn may also prove beneficial during the hiring process for programs and software an applicant proves limited in first-hand knowledge. Applicants should ask human resource personnel which programs are used to perform different tasks, such as writing a report, entering data, creating a presentation, or performing other occupational functions. Providing instances of utilizing such knowledge in work-related situations may further prove to hiring managers an understanding and comprehension of the tools necessary to perform the tasks as part of the job.

Testing May Prove Necessary to Receive Final Job Offers
Some employers may ask interviewees to take and pass different tests covering various computer programs and usage. General competency usually must be proven in word processing, email, basic internet skills, and, depending on the position, spreadsheets and database entry. Answer honestly when asked about proficiency and realistically demonstrate each task. For any application, computer skill, or program an applicant lacks familiarity with, take the time before the interview to learn each ability, if possible. If computer usage and knowledge of programs proves required for earning the position, faking or lying about skills usually proves disadvantageous to aspirants and job offers usually go to other applicants.

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