How Did You Prepare For This Interview?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Did You Do To Prepare For This Interview?

Why Employers Ask About Interview Preparation

What the Question Really Means
Preparing for an interview represents one of the most important steps in the job search process. Knowledgeable job seekers recognize the importance of thorough interview preparation and typically research the company and the position before meeting with the employer. Preemptively researching the employer not only equips job seekers with valuable information about the potential workplace but also provides a legitimate answer to the common question, “What did you do to prepare for this interview?” When employers ask about interview preparation, the question actually reveals how much the applicant really cares about the job opportunity.

How to Answer the Question
Questions about interview preparation give job seekers the opportunity to show genuine desires for the position. To answer the question in the most effective way possible, applicants must perform a bit of research prior to attending the interview. By perusing the company website ahead of time, interviewees may learn enough about the prospective employer to demonstrate adequate preparation and interest in the job. Employers want to hire people committed to going above and beyond the call of duty, even in terms of preparing for interviews. Therefore, when responding to questions on the subject, candidates should emphasize desire for the job before specifically describing each step taken to prepare for the interview process.

How to Make the Answer Even Stronger
Aside from outlining steps taken to ensure interview preparation, job seekers should use the recently acquired information about the employer to show possession of the knowledge necessary for fitting in with the company. In other words, demonstrate thorough preparation by making insightful comments or asking thoughtful questions about the position, company, or industry. Employers generally respond positively to candidates who use the information gathered during the interview preparation process as a springboard for discussing other topics related to the job.

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