What Do You Do in Your Spare Time?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Do You Do in Your Spare Time?

Reason for the Question

Hiring managers often ask a question like, “How do you spend your free time?” to see how you might fit into the company culture. Workers who pursue worthwhile hobbies outside of the office are more likely to be productive on the job. Also, how employees spend their time off can give interviewers a good idea of how they’ll work as part of a team.

How to Respond

Sharing your hobbies and interests with an employer is a great way to highlight positive qualities like commitment and dedication. These traits show managers that you’re career-minded and aren’t afraid of putting in the hard work necessary to achieve a goal.

If you encounter this job interview question, it’s essential that your answer stands out from other hopefuls. A vague, generic response won’t leave a lasting impression on a hiring manager, so provide specifics that make your reply memorable. Also, it’s important to only include honest, truthful details in your answer.

Responses to Avoid

When responding to a question like, “How do you spend your days off?” you should avoid mentioning any hobbies that could damage a manager’s view of you. Additionally, sharing examples that are an inefficient use of your free time is not recommended and can harm your chances of getting the job.

Sample Responses To “What Do You Do in Your Spare Time?”

Use the following sample answers to “What do you do in your spare time?” to help you develop your own response. These examples are only a guide, so avoid memorizing them or including them in your answer:

Sample Answer 1 – Bookseller

“I spend a lot of my spare time reading and writing, and right now, my focus is on finishing my book of short stories. I’ve been writing every day for the last year, so I’m very determined to complete it soon. I also run a book club through the local library that meets once a month, which in some ways feels like I’m managing a small team to complete a common goal.”

Sample Answer 2 – Personal Trainer

“Most of my free time is spent working on my fitness blog. I figure I can use my knowledge and experience to inform people about living a healthy lifestyle. I usually post a new update every day and have a consistent base of readers who engage and leave comments regularly. It’s been a very rewarding use of my spare time.”

Sample Answer 3 – Fast Food Cashier

“I’m currently studying computer programming at a trade school, so I spend a lot of my time working on projects and homework. The class size is fairly small, and we all work together to develop little programs and video games using each week’s lesson. I love working with my classmates to build something together that we can all be proud of.”

Things to Keep in Mind

Not every response to “What do you do in your spare time?” needs to directly relate to the job. However, your answer should illustrate positive qualities that make you a great worker. A well-developed reply goes a long way to impressing a hiring manager, so remember to take your time and create your own response.

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