What Do You Know About Us?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Do You Know About This Company?

Reason for the Question

During a job interview, hiring managers might ask a question like, “What made our company stand out to you?” to gauge your interest and enthusiasm for the position. A solid response also shows a future employer that you are proactive instead of reactive.

How to Respond

Applicants who do their research have a much easier time responding to this question. If asked to share what you know about the company, talk about points from its mission statement or list of achievements. Building a connection between your personal values and those of the business can help you land the job.

Responses to Avoid

When it comes to a job interview question like, “What do you know about our business?” managers can tell if you’ve done your homework regarding the company’s history. Doing little or no research leads to a poor response and gives interviewers the impression the job isn’t important to you.

Sample Responses to “What Do You Know About Us?”

Preparation is essential when answering questions about a company. The more you show an understanding of what drives the business, the more impressive you’ll be to managers. Use the following sample responses as a guide when crafting your own reply:

Sample Answer 1 – Personal Trainer

“When I was researching the company, I read that your interview process can be intensive in order to find the absolute best trainers for the job. The company vision detailed how you aim to stand out among other gyms and fitness centers, and I really responded to that idea. I want to work somewhere that pushes me to be my best, and I believe this is the place.”

Sample Answer 2 – Hardware Sales Associate

“Your company is well-respected for being family-owned, which is something I can connect with. Before we moved here, my dad owned a small book shop and had all the kids help out on weekends. I know how proud he was of that store, and I want to be part of something like that again. Based on everything I read, your business is the perfect fit for me.”

Sample Answer 3 – Truck Driver

“When I started my job hunt, your company stood out immediately. I spent some time on your website and saw that you deliver to all 50 states, and you’re in the process of adding new routes. I also read that you’ve had no layoffs in ten years, which is important to me. Based on what I’ve read about the company’s history, you really take care of your employees here.”

Things to Keep in Mind

When preparing your response to this job interview question, spend some time on the company’s website to learn its core values and mission. Also, educate yourself about the business’ milestones and include them in your answer. To avoid giving the interviewer a history lesson, pick one or two major accomplishments to discuss in your reply.

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