What Do You See Yourself Doing in the First 30 Days?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Discuss What You’ll Be Doing in the First 30 Days

Why Do Managers Ask about Your First 30 Days?

Employers don’t expect you to be able to predict the future, but they do have a few things in mind when asking what you see yourself doing in the first 30 days. The hiring manager wants to know how well you understand the role, how much research and preparation you’ve done for the interview, what your training expectations are, and how eager and able you are to fit in with company culture.

Key Points about the First 30 Days

The number of days may change depending on the length of a new hire’s probation period. Employers may ask about the initial 30, 60, or 90 days, so you’ll need an answer to cover these timelines. Focus on your onboarding expectations, offer achievable goals, demonstrate a positive attitude, and play to your strengths when discussing how you can contribute to the company.

Describing Your Strategy for the First 30 Days: Tips for Success

Whether you’re an entry-level candidate or a job seeker with full-time experience, you’ll need to do some research on the company and your new position to answer this common interview question successfully. Your preparation should include:

  • Spending time on the company’s website and learning more about its structure, mission, and culture to inform your response.
  • Scanning resumes of employees working in your desired field. Look at their skills and accomplishments to find goals for yourself in your new role.
  • Reading similar job listings to get a sense of the duties and responsibilities the company may require.
  • Talking with someone who works in the same position as the one you’re interviewing for. They may have invaluable insights on what to expect during onboarding and your first few months of employment.

Answers to Avoid

Dodging this question or responding that you’re unsure about what you’ll do in the first 30 days would be a big mistake. The manager who asks this question wants to gauge your enthusiasm and expectations. Avoid overconfident or unrealistic claims, generic statements that could apply to any job, or expressing a passive attitude towards training.

Example Responses for “What Do You See Yourself Doing in the First 30 Days?”

Solid, well-informed answers can easily sway hiring managers toward one candidate over another. Check out some of the following example answers to help with your interview prep.

Sample Answer 1 – Hotel Front Desk Agent

“I’m looking forward to learning the ropes with my supervisor and coworkers, and I consider myself a fast learner. In my first 30 days as a front desk agent, I expect to learn the ins-and-outs of your reservation system while putting my best customer service skills to good use.”

Sample Answer 2 – Bookseller

“For the initial month of my employment, I plan to complete the onboarding process, get to know my coworkers, and become familiar with the bookstore’s layout. I’m excited to give patrons recommendations or guide them to their favorite authors. I’ll also rely on my attention to detail when ordering books and shelving new arrivals.”

Sample Answer 3 – Housekeeping Cleaner

“I know homeowners place a lot of trust in this service. I will make it my personal goal to pay strict attention during on-the-job training. Following all client instructions for grocery pick-up, cleaning, and errands, while observing all health and safety guidelines when handling food and using cleansers, will be my top priority.”

Concepts to Keep in Mind

In the end, the answer to this question should combine realistic goals for your first 30 days while emphasizing your strengths and showing your enthusiasm for the job. Take some time to prepare for this question by researching similar job listings and the company website to boost your chances for success.

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