What Experience Do You Have In This Field?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Do You Have Any Experience in This Field?

Why Employers Ask About Your Related Experience

A hiring manager may ask you how you think your prior experience prepared you for this job because they want to know if your background suits the company’s needs. A well-thought-out answer also shows interviewers that you’ve put some consideration into what you can bring to the team.

How to Answer “What Is Your Experience in This Line of Work?”

When asked to describe your related experience, it’s always best to provide concrete examples to illustrate your points. Share an anecdote or accomplishment that shows the supervisor what you’ve done in the past. It’s best to link those experiences to the expectations outlined in the job description to demonstrate how those skills can transfer.

What Responses You Should Avoid

If asked how your previous experience relates to a job, stay away from vague answers. Interviewers can take a generic reply as a sign that you’re underqualified. Steer clear of examples that don’t directly tie into the position, too, because this can come off as if you don’t understand the job requirements.

Examples of How to Answer Interview Questions About Your Experience

Whether you have years of job experience or you’re just entering the workforce, being asked, “Do you think you’re qualified for this job?” can be intimidating. Check out these examples of how to address this common interview question to help you develop your response:

Sample Answer 1 – Store Clerk in an Automotive Shop

“I’ve enjoyed working on cars since I was a kid. I helped my dad restore classic cars, and I learned firsthand how the engines work by dismantling and rebuilding them. My experience with mechanical work will be an asset in helping customers troubleshoot and find the right parts for their projects and repairs.”

Sample Answer 2 – Cashier in a Sporting Goods Store

“In high school, I played every sport I could. I had the opportunity to learn about the best equipment and how to use it properly. Moreover, I learned the value of working as a team toward a common goal. Between my practical knowledge about the merchandise and my ability to work collaboratively, I feel like I would be an asset to your company.”

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, interviewers ask candidates about their prior work experience because they need to know if they’ll be a good fit. Make sure to respond honestly and provide relevant examples to back up your answer. It’s important to show managers that you’re confident in your abilities but also willing to learn and grow.

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