Job Interview Question & Answer: What Has Disappointed You About a Job?

What You Need to Know

A Trick Question?
Some people view questions about disappointments in prior jobs as trick questions because the queries seem to require negative responses. A true trick question compels applicants to offer an incorrect answer. However, with, “What Has Disappointed You About a Job?” the question allows candidates to provide correct responses but with careful consideration.

What To Avoid
Never say anything disparaging about a former employer, including speaking poorly about company practices or co-workers. Negative responses make potential employers wonder how applicants may speak about the company after said individuals leave. Also, avoid saying something trivial or irrelevant to work. The interviewer may view the response as insincere and a way to avoid providing a genuine disappointment. Talking about things like disappointment in pay or benefits often depicts candidates as unappreciative employees.

How To Answer
Talk about how previous jobs helped advance career goals. Some good topics to cover include lack of challenging work, no room for growth within the company, and absence of important responsibilities. Showing a genuine interest in building careers and growing with a company appeals to an interviewer because companies want to hire individuals with drive and passion.

Example Answer
“After a certain amount of time with them, I wasn’t challenged anymore. I had learned everything I could from that job, and there weren’t any advanced roles for me to move into, so I decided look for more engaging work.”

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