What Have You Been Doing Since Your Last Job?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Have You Been Doing Since Your Last Job? Or Since Graduation?

Why Employers Ask

Job seekers with gaps in employment histories should absolutely expect to hear the question, “What have you been doing since your last job?” Though the query possesses an uncanny ability to make interviewees nervous, the goal of such a question proves fairly straightforward. Employers want to hire individuals committed to professional betterment, and the trick to answering well includes preparing something constructive to talk about. Especially in light of job market stresses, employers remain understanding of gaps in employment; however, individuals must constantly hone marketable skills in order to receive consideration for available positions.

Responding with Depth

Actually Do Something
Taking a vacation from the work force represents one of the worst ways to deal with unemployment. Though monetary compensation may not come into play, job seekers should actively seek educational tools, online seminars, volunteer work, additional certifications, and contracting opportunities, when available. Keeping up with skills and expectations of relevant industries allows individuals to remain valuable to potential employers. Continually putting out job applications proves an acceptable use of unemployment time, as well. Simply, job candidates should look for any constructive activities fostering professional growth and better performance of job duties.

During Interviews
When actually faced with, “What have you been doing since your last job?” during interviews, candidates should stand ready to relate all training and education back to positions in question. Specifically point out how new skills and knowledge prove helpful if given the opportunity to perform available work. The goal remains to prove beyond reasonable doubt gaps in employment hold no lasting effects or render job candidates incapable of providing employers with excellent output. Demonstrate resourcefulness and patience when reviewing time off work by remaining positive.

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