What Have You Been Doing in the Last Year?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Have You Done in the Past Year?

Displaying Professional Growth In Interviews

“What have you done in the past year?” constitutes a frequent question asked during job interviews. Employers want to determine how candidates strive to grow as people and workers. Candidates need to ensure interviewers see real commitment to professional improvement. Ideal responses often include details about educational pursuits, work history, volunteer efforts, and skill development. Keep answers focused on professional growth and away from unrelated subjects. Avoid revealing to employers nothing significant happened or became finished in the previous year.

Furthering Educational Goals
Applicants benefit from describing attendance of college courses, vocational school, or even GED programs in reply to the question. Highlight coursework and certifications relevant to positions at hand. Showing commitment to lifelong advancement and education often favorably affects how employers see candidates. Only provide information about programs attended and steps taken. Misleading interviewers about academic credentials normally leads to negative consequences and possible termination.

Skill Development
In addition to educational background, skills acquired or developed remain crucial elements to emphasize when answering questions about the past year. Employers need to hire career seekers with necessary qualifications to perform work. Candidates talking about putting personal or professional time toward self-improvement display proactivity and growth and may enjoy better chances of receiving offers for meaningful employment. Remember to focus responses on describing abilities directly pertinent to the specific job at hand. Offering information about the pursuit of unrelated skillsets may lead interviewers to pursue more appropriately skilled applicants.

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