What Is Your Attitude Towards Work?

Job Interview Question and Answer: What Is Your Philosophy Towards Work?

Why Do Employers Ask, “What Is Your Attitude Towards Work?”

When interviewing for a job, the hiring manager may ask you the question, “What is your attitude towards work?” Employers ask this question because they want to know your work ethic and whether you’re a good fit for their company culture as well as job position.

How To Answer a Hiring Manager When Asked, “What Is Your Attitude Towards Work?”

Employers look for candidates who are hardworking and honest. Hiring managers want to see that you’re enthusiastic about your work, so conveying that passion in your answer is key. You want to show them that you’ll put forth as much effort in the smallest tasks as you do with the biggest projects. Providing examples is a good way to highlight your work ethic as well as your experience.

What Not to Say to a Hiring Manager

Hiring managers look for workers who treat every job in front of them with equal importance. Coming off as someone who only works hard when assigned to bigger projects might make you seem inconsistent or flaky. Employers may also be looking for a team player. They might question if you’re the right fit for their company if your answer doesn’t match the amount of effort they expect.

Sample Answers To “What Is Your Attitude Towards Work?”

Head into the interview with practiced responses. Employers expect polished answers that reflect your knowledge of your field and dedication to the job. Just as with any other interview answer, rehearse it before going in so you can make a strong impression. Here are a few examples for the question, “What Is Your Attitude Towards Work?”

Sample Answer 1 – Grocery Store Manager

“Whether I’m writing an order or helping stock the shelves on a busy day, I always approach tasks with 100% effort. To be a good manager, you need to show your team that effort and a good attitude are the two most important things to bring to the job.”

Sample Answer 2 – Delivery Driver

“As someone who needs to work quickly to make all my deliveries on time, I have to make sure I’m always giving my full effort. While I work fast, I make sure to treat every package as if it were my own. In doing this, I can ensure that I deliver every parcel on time and to the right destination.”

Sample Answer 3 – Tutor

“I work with a variety of students, and my work philosophy compels me to approach every situation with an open mind. Every student learns differently, and I try to incorporate that into my lesson plans. Each session is an opportunity for both of us to learn something new.”

What To Keep in Mind When Answering, “What Is Your Attitude Towards Work?”

Employers want you to show them that you’re a hard worker and that you bring 100% effort every day. When formulating a response, consider these ideas:

  • Why is this job important to you? Make sure that your passion comes through.
  • List a few examples where you can show the company how you implement your attitude into your daily work life.
  • Explain how your attitude towards work can benefit the company.

Giving polished responses that highlight your attitude in a positive way can leave a strong impression on hiring managers.

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