What Is Your Attitude Towards Work?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Is Your Philosophy Toward Work?

Open-Ended Interview Questions

Most job interviews include a few inquiries that do not have clear-cut answers. These types of questions are an easy way for management to learn about interviewees, and for hopefuls to show off credentials and problem-solving abilities.

The hiring staff wants to see that candidates put thought into their work philosophies. While there is no right or wrong way for a worker to reply, every response should be logical, positive, and relevant to the job.

How to Answer “What is Your Philosophy Toward Work?”

When employers ask this question, they are trying to gauge a prospective employee’s work ethic. In addition to assessing critical thinking skills, companies want to make sure these beliefs line up with theirs.

Simply stating a theory or concept may come across as insincere and robotic. It is important to add personal touches or anecdotes to not sound rehearsed. Responses must relate to the specific job as well.

Things to Avoid

Staying on topic is crucial to successfully answering “What is your attitude toward work?” Rambling or evading the inquiry shows a lack of focus. Employers appreciate clarity so they can fully understand an interviewee’s opinion.

Also, avoid being overly negative. Don’t speak ill of any past jobs, fellow workers, or bosses. As always, try to talk clearly and remain polite. If the application is for a customer service job, use the opportunity to display the kind of positivity the role requires.

Potential Answers

“What is your philosophy toward work?” may be a daunting question to hear in the interview process. The following are some examples of how to respond for different jobs. These should only give applicants a starting point for their own replies. Do not memorize or repeat them.

Sample Answer 1 – Server Job

“When I’m serving, I try to be focused and quick. My philosophy toward work is that all employees are part of a team. As long as I get my job done efficiently, it will benefit the group as a whole and keep things running smoothly.”

Sample Answer 2 – Retail Job

“My work philosophy is to complete small tasks as parts of a larger goal. Piecing out an assignment helps me be proficient and highly effective. Attention to detail is my main concern, but I never lose sight of the end result, which is key in a retail setting.”

Sample Answer 3 – Cooking Job

“As I work, my attitude is to remember the basics. Many jobs in the kitchen have a core set of standards that don’t change. If I can recall what I’ve learned, yet be flexible, there is no task too difficult.”

Things to Consider

Broad interview questions such as “What is your philosophy toward work?” are a challenge. It often proves fruitful to research the business, job duties, and various philosophies to prepare. Prospective hires need to remember to:

  • Be authentic
  • Make sense
  • Be positive
  • Relate ideas to the company or job

Taking a clear approach like this may help to impress hiring managers. By staying on track, interviewers get a distinct view of the type of employee a candidate will be.

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