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Job Interview Question & Answer: What Qualities Do You Look For In A Boss?

Why Ask?

“What qualities do you look for in a boss?” prevails as a common interview question. While interviewees may find the inquiry tension-inducing, employers generally do not wish to cause stress. Instead, hiring personnel ask the question to garner information about personal leadership styles. Answers help interviewers assess whether the personal preferences and leadership abilities of job seekers align with company values and practices. Furthermore, employers often look for workers who may contend for future managerial positions. Asking the questions serves as a way to evaluate the potential of interviewees.


Brainstorming and Preparation
As with most interview questions, the best way to appear professional and poised remains preparation. Job candidates should consider past bosses and reflect on good and bad qualities. Think about how the less favorable qualities affected the office work ethic and what traits, instead, would have inspired more productivity. Consider the more likeable qualities of past employers and why such attributes inspired associates. Use reflection as a way to come up with concrete and positive examples of what makes successful managers both likeable and rewarding to work for.

Responding During Interviews
Actual responses should remain direct and relatively short. List two or three traits, such as respect for associates, clear communication, and availability or accessibility. To give dynamic and full responses, job hopefuls may then elaborate with stories of past employers and how the implementation of such traits had a positive effect in the workplace. Candidates should remain cautious of saying anything negative or petty regarding past managers.

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