What Sorts of People Do You Enjoy Working With?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Kind Of People Do You Like Working With?

Why Employers Ask This Question

Interpersonal skills are a big part of any workplace, and employers want their staff to get along. Interviewers ask candidates questions like, “What kind of person do you like to work with?” to learn about a job seekers’ social habits, skills, and preferences. By asking this question, employers learn valuable information about a potential hire’s professional interactions.

How To Answer

Most employers want to hire people who will work to get along with everyone. To respond successfully when asked about people you enjoy working with, answer in a way that suggests you work well with all types of people regardless of personality. Think about different character traits you admire in others and relate authentic stories about working well with past coworkers in your response.

What Not To Mention

You might prefer working independently, but avoid saying you only like working on your own. Most jobs require some teamwork or collaboration. Vague answers, such as preferring nice or friendly workers, don’t offer enough detail to answer the question. Also, focus on the people you like to work with and avoid discussing your own likable traits.

Tips for Answering “What Kind Of People Do You Enjoy Working With?”

Hiring managers might ask, “What kind of personality do you work best with and why?” To prepare for this common interview question, think of what kind of people you like to work with and use interactions from past work experiences to give your best answer:

  • Make a list of positive traits you like to see in a boss or coworker, such as motivation to succeed, passion for their career, open-door management style, creative problem-solving, etc.
  • Keep a professional focus and tailor your response to the personalities that work well within that company’s setting.
  • Do your research beforehand to understand the company culture, whether it’s a relaxed, work-hard-play-hard setting or a more formal office structure.
  • Think about what traits of past advisors, coaches, or bosses helped you succeed and use those characteristics as an example to show how well you work with others.

Sample Responses to “What Sorts of People Do You Enjoy Working With?”

If you’re having trouble coming up with examples or how to word your answer, reading through sample responses to this common interview question can help:

Sample Answer 1 – Tutor at a Learning Center

“I’ve worked with students ranging from young children who struggle but want to learn to indifferent teenagers whose only goal is graduating. I like tutoring the full spectrum of students because I love the challenge of finding something that motivates them. I enjoy working with educators who are passionate about helping kids succeed and will encourage them to further their education.”

Sample Answer 2 – Team Member at a Fitness Center

“I love an active work environment and being with high-energy people. In high school track, I had a coach who ran alongside us at practice and during meets. He wanted to be with us as we progressed into becoming better athletes. It was truly inspiring, and my coach gave me the drive to keep going. I like working with trainers and clients who share that same energy.”

Sample Answer 3 – Cashier at a Retail Store

“While working in retail, I encountered many different kinds of people. Between helping customers and training new cashiers, I worked well with everyone. My coworkers understood the goal, knew their position, and could work as a team to get things done and help customers, so we thrived. I liked working with individuals who could collaborate effectively.”

Making Your Answer Effective

Employers believe that when staff members get along well, they produce quality work and reduce workplace conflict. When asked about people you enjoyed working with, give an effective answer by clearly demonstrating how you were able to work well with others to get a job done.

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