What Will It Take To Attain Your Goals?

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Employer Aim and Similar Questions

Perhaps one of the most commonly asked interview questions, “What will it take to attain your goals?” allows interviewers to assess where job candidates stand professionally. The goal of the question proves similar to inquiries such as “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Employers use responses to gauge how personal goals fit with company goals, the preparedness and ambition of hopefuls, and the longevity or commitment of interviewees. Answers may also give interviewers clues about individual abilities to set goals based on realistic expectations.


Striking a Balance
The most challenging aspect of responding to “What will it take to attain your goals?” remains striking a balance between ambition and reality. Employers want to know job candidates stand capable of planning efficiently and setting realistic, reachable goals. Individual responses inform hiring personnel how interviewees may handle work-related projects in the future. Additionally, answers give interviewers information regarding the overall attitudes and dispositions of applicants. Arrogance, like detailing plans to make CEO of a company within five years, remains an undesirable trait. Job hopefuls should aim to communicate a mix of excitement, thoroughness, passion, and practicality.

Communicating Goals
In order to answer the question well, job seekers should maintain self-awareness. The first step to responding includes having a clear picture of personal goals in mind. Candidates should focus on objectives which benefit the company and employer in some way, such as trainings and certifications, and relate answers back to available work. Choose one or two goals to concentrate on and detail the steps needed to reach such goals. Stress long-term commitment to serving the company through the completion of goals. The only wrong answer persists as having no goals of which to speak.

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