What Do You Like Most About Your Current Job?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Will You Miss About Your Last Job?

How to Discuss Past Jobs In an Interview Setting

Why Interviewers Ask About Previous Jobs
During the interview process, questions about former jobs frequently arise as employers try to get a feel for how the past experiences of applicants might translate into future success. Interviewers often pose the common question, “What will you miss about your current/last job?” to encourage candidates to talk about previous work experiences. Despite seeming rather simple and straightforward, the question often causes problems for candidates unsure of how to respond appropriately. Job seekers should answer the question in a way conveying positivity while connecting past experiences to the current opportunity.

How to Respond
Staying positive remains essential to addressing the subject most effectively any time the topic of previous jobs comes up in an interview. Avoid discussing anything negative about past employers, as talking badly about someone else tends to reflect poorly on the speaker. On the other hand, refrain from being overly sentimental and going into great detail about missing a former job, as interviewers may begin to doubt the commitment level to the present opportunity. In addition to remaining positive and brief, the answer should establish a clear connection between the previous job and the currently available position. For example, talking about missing the camaraderie of former coworkers opens the door for expressing eagerness at the prospect of forging new professional relationships, especially if the desired position specifically involves high levels of teamwork and interaction.

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