What Will You Miss About Your Last Job?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Do You Like Most About Your Current Job?

Reason for the Question

Managers often ask, “What about your last job will you miss the most?” to get a feel for your previous work experience. Employers are looking for the best fit for a position, and hearing about your last job can help them make an informed decision. Your reply to this question also shows them what you value when it comes to work.

How to Respond

For some applicants, a question like, “What did you like most about your last job?” can be difficult to answer. Providing the interviewer with a clear, concise reply is essential, and it’s important to frame your answer positively. Try to mention elements of your role that emphasize your skills, such as:

  • Collaboration with colleagues
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting daily challenges
  • Meeting new people and seeing repeat customers
  • Helping clients with questions or issues

Applicants who talk about enjoying key parts of their job will stand out to interviewers as being enthusiastic and valuable team members.

Responses to Avoid

When developing your answer to this question, remember to only talk about positive past experiences. Negative answers reflect poorly on the speaker, so avoid talking badly about coworkers, managers, or customers. Also, stay away from answers that suggest you are not optimistic about the new position.

Examples of How to Answer Interview Questions About Your Last Job

Answering a manager’s questions about your previous position can catch you off guard. To help you prepare, look at the following interview questions to get an idea of what you should say. These sample responses can serve as inspiration as you prepare for your job interview:

Sample Answer 1 – Retail Store Stock Clerk

“At my last job at the book store, it was my responsibility to stock the shelves with new releases. I loved going through the inventory and discovering upcoming titles and new authors to read. The thing I’ll miss the most about that job is sharing my finds with customers and helping them make purchases.”

Sample Answer 2 – Server in a Restaurant

“I think what I’ll miss most about working at the pizza shop is sampling all the new menu items before anyone else. The owner would often make a pie for our crew and ask us what we thought about it. I’ll miss that, but my family and I still eat there once a week, so I’ll always get to enjoy them.”

Sample Answer 3 – Sporting Goods Store Cashier

“When it comes to my last job, I think I’ll miss my coworkers most. We made a great team and always helped each other get the job done. I’ll miss getting to see them every day, but I’m excited to start making new friends and building professional relationships here.”

Things to Keep in Mind

Your response to, “What are you going to miss about your last job?” is a great opportunity to share your enthusiasm and dedication with an employer. Use this time during a job interview to make the best first impression possible and establish a positive rapport with the hiring manager.

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