If We Were to Give You the Salary You Want, But Let You Write Your Own Job Description, What Would it Say?

Job Interview Questions & Answers: What Would Your Perfect Job Description Say?

Why Interviewers Ask You to Write Your Own Job Description

There are two reasons why an employer may ask this question. If you requested a specific salary, having you describe the job duties in your own words may allow interviewers to test your resolve. They could be trying to see if you can prove that the required tasks are truly worth the pay rate you expect.

Another possibility is that hiring managers are trying to make sure job seekers have a clear understanding of the company’s expectations. Describing the role you are applying for can also show employers that you recognize the most important aspects of the position. Giving a solid and logical answer can reinforce that you are the right candidate for the job.

How to Reword a Job Description

To answer the question “How would you describe this position?” start by looking over the job description that the company provided. Choose the duties and attributes that best suit your skillset, and use those details to create a new summary that highlights your strengths. You can also give examples to show how you effectively used those abilities in previous jobs.

What Not to Say

When employers ask you to give your own interpretation of the role, avoid responding with a completely new job description. Mentioning skills and character traits that are irrelevant to the position can make it seem like you don’t understand or fit the job. Also, steer clear of descriptors that oversell your qualifications or come across as boastful.

Sample Responses to “If You Could Write Your Own Job Description, What Would it Say?”

If an interviewer says, “Describe this job in your own words,” your answer should show that you understand the requirements of the role and that you can perform them successfully. Check out these examples of acceptable ways to reshape a job description:

Sample Job 1- Salesperson at a Car Dealership

“If I were to write my own description for this job, it would say, ‘A successful salesperson will use their friendly disposition, upbeat attitude, and knowledge of the inventory to provide excellent service to shoppers.’ I feel that those are the most important aspects of the role, and since I have extensive customer service experience, I am confident that my skills will be useful for this position.”

Sample Job 2- Teaching Assistant at a Daycare

“My version of the job description would say, ‘Helps plan and implement lessons that are fun and engaging while ensuring the health and safety of the children.’ Those are the skills I use when I babysit for the families in my neighborhood. I like coming up with exciting and educational activities that keep them entertained while also helping them learn.”

Sample Job 3- Concessions Worker at a Movie Theater

“I would say, ‘Must be able to fill orders quickly and correctly while staying calm and providing exceptional customer service.’ When I worked the concession stands for school sporting events, I learned how to quickly get people their snacks to keep the lines from getting too long. I also had a knack for making people smile or laugh when they were getting frustrated.”

A Quick Recap

As you answer the question, “How would you describe this position?” make sure you reword the job description rather than rewrite it. Focus on the requirements that match your personality and abilities. The goal is to prove that you are a good fit for the role by giving examples of how you will successfully apply your skills to the job.

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