When Do You Expect A Promotion?

Job Interview Question & Answer: When Do You Expect a Promotion?

Reason for the Question

During an interview, a manager might ask, “When do you expect to get a promotion?” to see if your expectations fall in line with the business. Interviewers are looking for applicants who put the company’s needs ahead of their own instead of seeking undue rewards and promotions.

How to Respond

It’s acceptable to share your desire for advancement with a manager, so long as you demonstrate qualities that deserve a reward. Additionally, showing an understanding of the financial effects a promotion can have on the company leaves a good impression on the interviewer.

Responses to Avoid

Applicants with unrealistic demands for advancement are a red flag for managers, so avoid naming specific dates for when you expect to advance. Also, while inquiring about possible promotions during an interview is reasonable, implying they are a guarantee can harm your chances of getting the job.

Sample Responses To “When Do You Expect a Promotion?”

Answering questions about your expectations can be challenging, so it’s important to spend time developing your reply. Consider the following sample responses to help you create a clear, confident answer that impresses hiring managers:

Sample Answer 1 – Auto Lube Technician

“I believe that promotions are the result of hard work and a positive attitude, but I’ve never expected one at any job I’ve had. I think it’s important for an employee to prove themselves to management before considering advancement of any kind. I have an interest in moving up within the company, but I know I’ll have to earn that opportunity.”

Sample Answer 2 – Fast Food Cook

“I intend to stay with the company long-term and am interested in advancement. However, I understand there are many factors involved in that happening, and an employee shouldn’t expect a promotion. If hired, I would be happy working the job I applied for and would gladly advance if you needed me to.”

Sample Answer 3 – Home Health Aide

“I’m currently going to school to get my nursing license, so advancement is something I’m thinking about. I’d love to grow my career with the company and eventually work here as an RN, but I know that will take time. For now, I’m comfortable gaining experience as an aide and providing the best care possible.”

Things to Keep in Mind

Responding to the job interview question “When do you expect to be promoted?” can be difficult. Spend some time thinking about the position you’re applying for and where you see yourself going with the company. A positive response that shows you value hard work and fairness is essential when answering this question.

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