Who Is Your Hero? Why?

Job Interview Questions and Answers: “Who Are Your Heroes and Why?”

Why Do Employers Ask about Your Heroes?

Interviewers ask, “Who are your heroes and why?” to learn what traits and values you admire in others. The specific details you bring up can help them understand what characteristics you are likely to bring to the company if they hire you. A suitable response can help employers see that your ideals and ethics will make you a good fit for the position.

How to Give a Good Answer to “Who is Your Hero and Why?”

A strong response should have a link to the essential duties of the job and focus on the “why” more than the “who.” Name a person or group of people you admire and discuss how their work ethic, ambition, cleverness, or empathy inspires you. Finish off your answer with a quick example of how you try to emulate these same qualities in your everyday life.

What Not to Say

When a hiring manager asks, “Who do you look up to?” steer clear of one-word responses with just a person’s name or title. To keep your answer concise, avoid listing more than two heroes and their traits. Lastly, avoid naming well-known or famous people as your heroes. Discussing a public figure may hurt your chances of getting the job if your interviewer has a bias against the person you choose.

Sample Responses for “Who Are Your Heroes?”

The following examples can help you come up with an answer to this question. Look over these sample responses before your next interview and think about how your personal heroes influence you.

Sample Job 1- Team Member at a Fast Food Restaurant

“I would say that my aunt is one of my heroes. She was a career woman with a quick mind who knew how to stay calm in stressful situations and figure out a plan for success. I learned a lot from her about staying cool and collected while under pressure, and I think those skills would serve me well in a fast-paced restaurant environment.”

Sample Job 2- Caregiver at a Nursing Home

“First responders and healthcare professionals are my heroes. I truly admire their devotion to helping others. My mother is another one of my heroes, and she taught me the importance of having compassion and doing what you can to help those in need. I think that is what has inspired me to pursue a career based on caring for others.”

Sample Job 3- Bookseller at a Bookstore

“My high school English teacher is someone I looked up to a lot. She had a knack for recommending books to her students based on their unique personalities. Her ability to recognize what made each of us special and suggest books that would interest us is what inspired my love of reading. I try to do the same for others when I recommend books to them.”

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