Why Are You the Best Candidate?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Makes You the Best Person for the Job?

Reasons Employers Ask This Question

During the interview process, hiring managers look for workers who display confidence in their abilities. The interviewer may ask a question like “Why are you the best candidate?” to determine if a person is suited for a position.

Preparing Responses

Questions such as “Why do you think you’re the best fit for the job?” might make applicants nervous. Coming up with a reply beforehand helps potential hires avoid rambling or going off-topic. Answering confidently is essential to making a good impression.

Use Specific Examples

When replying to this question at a job interview, offer detailed answers related to the position. Hopefuls should describe a specific event highlighting skills that prove they are qualified. Examples can come from a variety of places, such as past work or school activities.

Speaking clearly and concisely may improve chances of employment, so remember to prepare a response ahead of time. This part of the hiring process allows candidates to explain why they are best for the job.

How to Answer “Why Are You the Best Candidate?”

Consider any previous work experience when crafting a way to respond. The following are only examples, so do not memorize them:

Sample Answer 1 – Retail Worker

“I’m used to working in a fast-paced environment where I need to think on my feet. A job in retail requires multitasking and the ability to diffuse negative situations. I’ve become very good at handling those kinds of moments.”

“Once, I was covering an employee’s break by myself on our busiest night of the week. I had an upset customer approach me about an item ringing up for the wrong price. The line at the checkout was growing longer, but I was able to calmly address the person’s issue and help everyone in line.”

Sample Answer 2 – Server Job

“Working at a restaurant has taught me about the most important qualities in an employee. I’ve learned to be attentive to each of my customers so I can get them what they need. I know that without their business I wouldn’t have a job, so I show how much I appreciate them.”

“I always try to help people feel comfortable by staying positive. I’ve received many compliments and often get strong feedback on surveys. I am confident in myself as a server and believe that makes me the best choice for the job.”

Things to Remember

Keep this advice in mind for the interview process:

  • Speak confidently and maintain eye contact.
  • Be honest when responding to questions.
  • Prepare and practice your answers in advance.
  • Provide a clear reason and specific instance to prove you’re the right candidate.

For a question like “What makes you the best person for the job?” use these interview tips to stand out from other applicants. Being prepared and focused will impress managers and increase the chances of getting hired.

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