Why Are You the Best Candidate?

Job Interview Questions and Answers: What Makes You the Best Person for the Job?

Why Do Employers Ask This Question?

Hiring managers ask, “What makes you the best candidate for this job?” to determine whether you are a good fit for the role. They also may want you to describe skills and traits that help you stand out among other job seekers. With the proper response, you can convince interviewers that you are competent, capable, and can bring something to the role that no one else can.

How to Answer “Why Are You the Best Candidate?”

When replying to this question, offer detailed and relevant examples of your skills. Talk about past events that highlight your qualifications, and describe how you intend to apply those abilities to this new position. You can also list virtues and attributes that will benefit you in this field. Delivering a brief explanation in an upbeat and self-assured tone can make a great impression on your interviewer.

Responses to Avoid

Try to avoid comparing yourself to others when discussing what makes you the best candidate. Insulting remarks about your fellow applicants can come across as arrogant, negative, or rude. Also, steer clear of responses that overpromise results and set unrealistic expectations for your job performance.

Examples for Answering “Why Are You the Best Person for the Job?”

This question gives you a chance to wow potential employers with your passion and skill set. Use the following sample responses as a reference and guide as you prepare your own answer.

Sample Job 1 – Retail Worker

“My previous retail experiences have helped me learn to function well under pressure and keep a cool head when working in a fast-paced environment. Dealing with long lines and frustrated customers during the holidays and massive sales events allowed me to hone my customer service skills. I know these abilities will make me an asset to the company.”

Sample Job 2 – Restaurant Server

“Aside from my friendly and attentive nature, I have a penchant for sales. When I worked in other restaurants, I used to come up with funny and creative hooks to encourage guests to order desserts, extra drinks, and even buy additional meals to take home. My managers were always impressed with my ability to upsell.”

Sample Job 3 – Tutor

“I am the best candidate for this job because I am passionate about education and helping students. As a child, I struggled with my schoolwork due to a learning disability. My teachers wrote me off as a bad student, but I found a tutor who explained my lessons in ways that made sense. I always appreciated the effort they put into helping me, and I want to do the same for other learners.”

Things to Remember

When trying to make employers believe that you are the best candidate for the job, it helps to believe in yourself. Be sure that you speak with confidence when answering this question to show that you have faith in your ability to succeed. Providing examples of your relevant skills and traits can help persuade interviewers to move on to the next steps of the hiring process.

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