Why Are You Qualified For The Job?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Why Do You Feel You’re Qualified For This Job?

Selling Your Qualifications in Interviews

“Why do you feel you’re qualified for this job?” persists as one of the most common and essential questions asked in interviews. Employers seek candidates with relevant skills, training, and experience necessary for jobs and the inquiry allows interviewers to obtain the information. However, another goal of the question remains almost as critical for hiring managers. Staffing personnel want to know if applicants stand able to describe qualifications in an articulate manner. Answering the question properly and in detail often strongly improves chances of hire for candidates.

Preparing for the Question
In the competitive job market, applicants with prior preparation typically fare best in interviews. Research the skills and abilities needed to fill each job for which applicants interview. In many cases, making resumes gives candidates documents to showcase skills as well as mental reference points for answering questions about qualifications. Referring to the qualifications described on resumes shows consistency and knowledge of what employers require for said positions. With previous research and a strong resume, candidates should stand able to give detailed and relevant answers to the question without stalling or thinking over qualifications.

Keep Answers Confident and Specific
Specific and direct responses help candidates display career experience in the most effective manner. Highlight relevant accomplishments in terms of qualitative and quantitative achievements. Putting answers into relatable terms helps interviewers best see value in marketable accolades. Describe efforts taken to improve skills in the field, as well. Employers want to hire individuals with potential. Reply with confidence to show dedication to the industry and professional poise. Interviewers strongly prefer to select candidates able to clearly express ideas through positive communication skills.

Be Realistic
Though confident answers often prove impressive to interviewers, take care to never exaggerate or falsify qualifications. Even when the position seems to call for more experience than applicants possess, honesty remains the best course of action. Employers understand the reality of not always finding the perfect candidate and frequently hire individuals needing additional training. Answer with realistic and candid assessments of qualifications. If job seekers gain employment through false descriptions of abilities, employers quickly find out and terminate employees. Avoid the risk of reputation damage and wasted time by accurately stating qualifications in a confident, unambiguous, and detailed manner.

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