Why Should I Hire You?

Why Should We Hire You?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Why Are You the Best Candidate for the Job?

Reasons The Question Exists

The question, “Why should I hire you?” is usually toward the end of an interview, giving applicants a chance to sum up their qualifications in a meaningful manner. They can discuss personal qualities not yet mentioned, and show suitability for the job.

Preparing Responses

Often, “Why should we hire you?” comes as a surprise. Prepare potential replies in advance so it is not a shock. Looking calm and composed is half the battle. Workers must use the opportunity to sell the hiring manager on their strengths.

Use Specific Examples

Avoid vague answers by showing instead of telling. Rather than simply saying “I’m quick on my feet,” think of a case that demonstrates this quality. If possible, choose something from work, school, or a club.

The more applicable the example is to the job, the better. But even with no work experience in a particular field, a worker can find similarities to other positions held. Try to highlight the related aspects, and apply them in a relevant way.

Sample Answers

The following offer some ways to address the question, “Why should I hire you?” These are only a place to start, so do not memorize them. Always respond truthfully in job interviews, drawing on personal experiences:

Sample Answer 1 – Cashier Job at a Grocery Store

“In past jobs, I’ve worked under pressure with success. Volunteering at my high school football concession stand was quite hectic. The orders never seemed to end. Instead of stressing out, I tried to focus harder on tasks to limit mistakes.”

“Even if lines were long, I recognized that I had a responsibility to greet everyone with a smile and respect. Since I am able to work under stress and stay helpful, I feel prepared for this job.”

Sample Answer 2 – Mechanic at a Tire Shop

“I have keen attention to detail and follow instructions quickly. For instance, when I worked at a deli, I needed to assemble sandwiches correctly. It didn’t matter if it was the first order or the hundredth. I also learned to craft all kinds of menu items.”

“Like making food, the core mechanic concepts may be the same every time. However, different cars present new challenges. My ability to adapt and learn fast makes me a great choice for the job.”

Sample Answer 3 – Customer Service Job in a Department Store

“I am friendly and attentive, plus I enjoy doing my best to help people. Waiting tables at Applebee’s, I normally kept track of several groups at once. That meant I had to remember special requests, and watch to make sure each table was satisfied.”

“When it got busy, it was confusing. I took notes and stayed focused so I could work efficiently. Working at a restaurant taught me to multitask while providing excellent service to customers. I think I would be a perfect fit for the job because of these skills.”

Things To Keep in Mind

While there are many ways to reply to this interview question, try to stick to a basic formula:

  • Indicate a specific, positive reason to consider you.
  • Give a real-life example to prove your point.
  • Relate everything to the job you want.

By adhering to these steps, employers will know exactly why they should hire you.

4 user comments:

  1. Alex Goar

    I have respect for everyone, no matter what their position is to me, and I’m always putting others before myself so there would never be a time when I was putting myself before a customer or before my job. You would always know that I’m getting what I need to get done no matter what under any circumstance.


    The only way to answer this question by knowing exactly what the job description says they are looking for. Why is the position open, what are their needs and requirements? Every generic applicant will be a “hard worker” and “will get the job done.” The candidate who prepares herself with only a few minutes of company research will provide informed, intelligent responses that leave an impression. It will speak of your commitment to the job, and your resourcefulness in preparation. You will make it clear that you sincerely want the job and that you are willing to work for it. You are always one of the many hard workers, but now you’ve greatly improved your chances right from the start.

    Set yourself apart by showing the interviewer that you know what areas of the business require your attention, and that you are the perfect candidate to address them all. Remember that at this point your work is strictly for the benefit of the company. They love that. The conversation should be easy from then on. Remember if no offer is given, ask for the next interview, the person & his info, even the date.

  3. K

    If you say the same thing as everyone else does that is not a reason to hire you. So, don’t just say you will do your best to get the job done. Give it meaning and reasoning.

    I’m going through these questions to help myself out with my first interview.

    If I got this question I think I would say something along the lines of “I’m a friendly person who would be respectful not only to you but the costumers and co-workers. I’m reliable and willing to work whenever I am needed and don’t like to mess things up when working towards something”

    I have a job interview at a grocery store.

  4. Shalmali Bapat

    I am very glad that you have provided your guidance on this interview question because one of the very common question is “Why should we hire you?” For answering this question you need to understand the basic need of the employer, job profile, your skills and then give a diplomatic answer with respect to the benefit of the company.


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