Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Why Would You Like To Work Here?

Reasons for the Question

Employers ask this question to interviewees because they want to hire someone who is a good fit for the company’s culture, message, and brand. Hiring managers also ask potential hires about why they want to work for them because they want employees who believe in the company’s mission and want to see the business grow.

How To Respond

Interviewers want workers who are genuinely interested in the position, not just someone who is looking for a job. Your answer should reflect your passion for the role you’re interviewing for or the company itself. Use your answer to showcase a compatible skillset or mentality that would make you a promising candidate.

Responses To Avoid

You should avoid responding to the question “Why would you like to work here?” with answers that don’t reflect an interest or passion for the job. Refrain from saying that you’re looking at this role as a stepping stone to bigger things or that you want the job because it pays well and has good benefits.

Sample Responses To “Why Would You Like To Work Here?”

When coming up with an answer to this question, be sure to practice before going into the interview. Polished answers impress hiring managers, and to respond appropriately you’ll need to show that you’ve researched the position and the company. Use the answers below as a guide when developing your own responses.

Sample Answer 1 – Flight Attendant

“I’ve always had a passion for travel and for helping others, and I feel like this job is the perfect marriage of the two. Working for this company will allow me to see the world, which I’ve wanted to do since I was young. If hired, I’m looking forward to continuing the tradition of excellent customer service that this business provides.”

Sample Answer 2 – Automotive Technician

“I feel that my skill set is well-suited for this position. Through my schooling and previous employment, I’ve become extremely proficient in all aspects of auto repair and maintenance. I know that this business prides itself on being the best automotive care in town, and I want to be part of the team.”

Sample Answer 3 – Hardware Store Associate

“Growing up, I always helped my father fix things around the house. Whether it was working on plumbing, heating, or car issues, I learned the ins-and-outs of his toolbox like the back of my hand. With this job, I hope to help other people complete their to-do lists and pass on a little of what my dad taught me.”

Things To Keep in Mind

Employers want to hire candidates who have a passion and drive to be with the company. When interviewing, mention specific skills or experience that make you a good fit for the position. Showing an interest in the company’s goals and mission may be the difference between landing the job or missing out.

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