Why Would You Like To Work Here?

Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Why Would You Like to Work For Us?

The Purpose of This Question

Hiring managers ask “Why do you want to work for us?” to gauge a candidate’s interest in the company. It also gives interviewees the opportunity to speak about how their goals suit the job. While the question seems simple, certain answers can hurt a person’s chance for employment.

Difficulties Responding

If faced with this question, most job seekers immediately resort to answers involving money or previous jobs. Speaking of either could give employers the impression that candidates don’t have any interest in the business itself or the position’s responsibilities and rewards.

Research the Company and Job Description

Applicants impress management by focusing on the company’s philosophy when stating why they want to work there. Job hopefuls should explain how their ideals match the firm’s, noting ways to fit in with the environment and fellow workers.

How to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work Here?”

Interviewees need to focus on how they fit the job description when answering. After finding a point that resonates with them, they will use past experiences to create an effective example. Highlighting their strengths and knowledge of the company helps to impress managers.

Sample Answers

These should give potential hires an idea of how their responses might sound. Remember to be honest for all job interviews. Do not memorize the answers or provide false information.

Sample Answer 1 – Fast Food Worker

“I enjoy being on a team. When I worked on the line at a fast food restaurant, my coworkers and I always supported one another through a rush. Working as a unit made my job fun and exciting.”

“Teamwork is important since each employee is essential for a smooth operation. I want to work here because I know the benefits of working together. As this job would require me to be part of a group, I think I am a great fit for the position.”

Sample Answer 2 – Retail Sales Clerk

“I am passionate about fashion and matching people to the best clothes. I love helping my friends find the right size or style when shopping. It’s so rewarding to see someone in an outfit that makes them feel good.”

“No matter what role I play, I am confident in my ability to assist others. That’s why customer service jobs are perfect for me. I believe this will help me succeed at your store.”

Concepts to Keep in Mind

The interview question “Why do you want to work here?” is all about relating abilities and traits to job requirements. Always try to:

  • Pick out a detail of the position or company.
  • Compare it to a personal experience, goal, or ideal.
  • Offer a specific example.

Following these suggestions may increase candidates’ hiring chances and show how serious they are about a job.

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