Can You Complete Job Assignments Safely?

Job Interview Question and Answer: Can You Complete These Job Tasks Safely?

Why Interviewers Ask About Your Abilities

Equal opportunity employment laws make it illegal for hiring managers to disqualify job seekers based on their mental or physical disabilities. When interviewers ask about your abilities, they are trying to determine if any parts of the job may be difficult for you. With this information, they can consider realistic accommodations that can help you succeed as an employee.

How to Respond

Honesty is key when answering the question, “Are you able to safely perform the tasks for this position?” Explain any past injuries, disabilities, or illnesses that you’re comfortable disclosing. You can also mention your methods for handling them. If these conditions are likely to affect your ability to do your work, offer suggestions on how the employer could make their workplace more accessible.

Answers to Avoid When Replying to “Can You Safely Do This Job?”

Avoid lying about your ability to perform essential tasks. While untruthful answers may help you get the job, you are more likely to be let go if employers find out you lied and cannot fulfill your duties. Also, steer clear of unrealistic and expensive suggestions for accommodations. If the cost seems too high, employers may decide not to hire you.

Sample Answers for “Can You Carry Out Your Assignments Safely?”

It may seem like a trick question when interviewers ask whether you can safely do the job. However, giving a clear and honest answer can impress hiring managers and help you continue through the interview process. Use the following samples as a guideline for creating a well-thought-out response of your own.

Sample Job 1 – Housekeeper

“Yes, I believe I can do this job safely. I am in decent shape, so the physical demands of the job shouldn’t be a problem. I did have surgery on my knee last year, so my leg gets a bit stiff and sore from time to time. However, I have some stretches and exercises I can do on my breaks to keep myself going strong.”

Sample Job 2 – Pet Store Animal Trainer

“I was diagnosed with a panic disorder several months ago. Having an unexpected panic attack is the only thing I can think of that would stop me from doing my job safely. I do take medication for the illness, though, so I can usually keep it under control. If possible, I could also bring in my therapy dog with me on some days to help me stay calm and relaxed.”

Sample Job 3 – Restaurant Server

“Since I’m asthmatic, running around to different tables during a dinner rush can sometimes be difficult for me. I keep my inhaler on me at all times, though, so I should be able to handle it. Also, tobacco can trigger asthma attacks, so it might help if the smoking area was further away from the employee entrance.”

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