Can You Complete Job Assignments Safely?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Will You Be Able to Carry Out in a Safe Manner All Job Assignments Associated with This Position?

Questions Concerning Ability

Questions like, “Will you be able to carry out in a safe manner all job assignments associated with this position?” may seem straightforward but serve very specific purposes. Due to equal opportunity employment laws, specifically The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, employers cannot refuse to hire a job candidate based on physical, mental, or any other disabilities. Still, as hiring personnel must spend time and company resources to train and assimilate new associates, interviewers reserve the right to pose questions in such a way so as to ensure interviewees stand capable of performing essential work duties without explicitly asking about disabilities and disadvantages. Furthermore, asking about safety serves as a way for employers to gauge any accommodations or difficulties job seekers may need or encounter and plan accordingly.

Responding During Interviews
When faced with, “Will you be able to carry out in a safe manner all job assignments associated with this position?” during job interviews, candidates may exercise the right to abstain from potentially discriminatory inquiries. If at all uncomfortable, interviewees may redirect questions and emphasize how skills and experiences may enhance job performance upon hire. However, honesty also remains important. If hopefuls feel special accommodations may prove necessary to perform essential duties and assignments, bringing such concerns to the attention of employers persists as the best course of action. In such cases, interviewees should again communicate how knowledgeabilities and skills outweigh the need for accommodations.

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