How Would You Feel Working For Someone Who Knew Less Than You?

Would You Work for Someone Who Knows Less?

Job Interview Question & Answer: How Would You Feel Working for Someone Who Knew Less Than You?

How The Question Works

When employers ask how job candidates handle working for someone less knowledgeable, the aim assesses how readily hopefuls tolerate challenging and trying situations. Answers to such a question give interviewers a chance to gauge the abilities of candidates to work as a part of a team, take direction, remain positive, and maintain an open mind. Responses which demonstrating frustration, negativity, and recounting past experiences wherein a boss or manager remains in an unfavorable light may result in detrimental effects to the possibility of candidates receiving hire.

Giving The Best Response

To leave beneficial impressions with interviewers, applicants should call attention to the positive aspects and opportunities afforded by working with diverse people. Do not focus on how personal knowledge could assist hypothetical bosses, as such an approach comes off as arrogant. Instead, emphasize an understanding of knowledge as varied. Different people possess expertise in diverse bodies of knowledge. Answering the question in terms of willingness to learn and grow given any experience persists as the ideal response.

Interesting to Note
Interestingly, the question of attitudes regarding working for someone potentially less intelligent often targets authority-resistant personality types and job seekers over the age of 50. Individuals falling into either category should remain aware of employer tactics and use the opportunity to exhibit rationality and composure in the face of unconventional situations. Strive to leave employers with clear ideas of the worth of candidates as a potential associate.

2 user comments:

  1. C. Thompson

    When I am asked this question, normally I would say, this person may not know as much as me, but I was in their place at one point and we have to treat each other with the same respect and share each other’s experiences.

  2. Katrina

    At the end of the day, the goal is overall success of the company, and it is my duty as a member of this company to give my best performance. Whether my supervisor is more qualified than me, is really beyond the point of the expectation that I need perform my job successfully. Hard work and patience always pays off, and keeping this mindframe will one day place me in the position, that I could have otherwise been envious of. After all, what makes a good leader out of a poor follower?


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