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Islands Restaurants, also referred to as Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks, operates as a tropical-themed casual dining restaurant specializing in hamburgers. With over 50 locations across the Southwestern United States, the restaurant chain maintains a sizable workforce and frequently looks to add new talent. Interested job hunters may apply in person to begin the hiring process.

Facts About Working at Islands Fine Burgers

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Islands Fine Burgers?)

Available Positions: Server, Host/Hostess, Cook, Dishwasher, Kitchen Manager, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Islands Fine Burgers Job Opportunities

With relaxed, laidback atmospheres, Islands Restaurants make ideal places to work. The company embodies the beach life style, and associates enjoy engaging social interaction, which encourages crew members to build relationships with guests and create friendly, local beach atmospheres, even if the coast sits miles away. In addition to offering excellent culture, the casual dining chain gives workers opportunities for professional advancement. Committed to promoting leaders from within, the company provides hands-on training programs and ongoing development dedicated workers often use to reach career goals.

Islands Restaurants offers the best environment for employees because the restaurant chain wants the best people. Ideal candidates need to show passion for quality food and commitment to providing unparalleled customer care. The chain also looks for workers with exceptional work ethic and unwavering positive attitudes. Drive to exceed guest expectations represents a hallmark of a true Islands employee.

Islands Fine Burgers Positions and Salary Information

Islands Restaurants offers both part-time and full-time jobs throughout the restaurant. Age requirements for jobs vary by title. Most entry-level jobs set the minimum age requirement for employment consideration at 16. Management, drink serving, and food prep jobs usually set higher age limits. Dedicated to compensating employees well, the casual-dining chain offers base pay and salary options in the top 25-percent of the food service industry. The list below represents some common jobs within the restaurant and the pay associates generally earn.


  • Servers greet guests and build rapport with diners.
  • Islands remains known for the relaxed, welcoming environments, and servers need to maintain the easygoing vibe by making guests feel at home.
  • Essential functions of the job include taking orders, delivering food and drinks, regularly checking on guests, and presenting bills and collecting payments.
  • Servers may also need to assist bussers in clearing off tables.
  • A server should possess a thorough knowledge of the menu in order to answer customer questions.
  • Servers usually receive minimum wage along with tips.


  • Hosts and hostesses manage dining arrangements.
  • Duties include booking reservations via phone, planning seating arrangements, and seating guests.
  • The position may also involve busing duties, when necessary.
  • A vital role in maintaining smooth operations, host workers need to effectively communicate with management, wait staff, and bussers to keep wait times down.
  • Typical pay for hosting jobs generally falls around $9.00 an hour.


  • Cooks prepare the world-famous Islands food.
  • As part of the back-of-house team, cooks may work at various stations, like the grill, pantry, or fryers.
  • Responsibilities vary by area; however, key back-of-house functions include following recipes, preparing ingredients, monitoring food freshness, and assembling meals.
  • In addition to food preparation, cooks may need to wash dishes, clear grills, and clean equipment and utensils.
  • Cooks often make anywhere between $10.00 and $17.00 an hour.


  • Managers assume a variety of functions necessary to maintaining store operations.
  • Chief areas of responsibility include labor management, guest satisfaction, and store compliance.
  • Labor management duties include interviewing and hiring associates, coordinating staff schedules, and assigning daily tasks.
  • To promote guest satisfaction, managers continually train and encourage team members to perform and resolve any guest issues.
  • Compliance requires managers keep records of sanitation, maintain stock levels and equipment functionality, and ensure stores follow food and safety guidelines.
  • Supervisors usually need to possess two years of restaurant management experience.
  • The restaurant chain also looks to hire managers capable of fun, collaborative leadership.
  • Managers earn between $40,000 and $80,000 in annual salary.

Tips for Applying

Islands Restaurants allows job seekers to apply in person or online. The restaurant staffs hourly jobs relatively quickly and rarely posts entry-level positions online. Job seekers intent on working entry-level positions with the burger restaurant want to visit locations to pick up paper applications. Managers may interview candidates on the spot, so job seekers should prepare to talk at length about personal qualities when going in for an application. The on-the-spot interview serves as an expedient way to get a job with the company, and candidates should try to capitalize on the opportunity. To improve chances for an on-the-spot interview, a job hunter wants to go into the restaurant during slow hours, typically between 2:00pm and 4:00pm. Applicants should wait patiently for interview requests. The restaurant reviews all applications submitted and individuals who look promising receive calls to come in for interviews accordingly.

Application Status

Applicants want to show interest in the job by checking on application status. Calling the restaurant between the lunch and dinner rushes represents a polite way to verify application status. Job hunters want to keep the call brief and simply exhibit desires to work for the chain and inquire about expected dates for interviews. Candidates should wait at least three days before contacting the potential employer to ensure receipt of hiring materials.

Islands Fine Burgers Employee Benefits

Islands Restaurants believes in quality of life and employee happiness. All associates enjoy positive, respectful work environments with ample opportunities for growth. The company also holds regional sports tournaments to encourage team building and friendly competition. Higher-level positions generally earn comprehensive work benefits packages. Health benefits qualifying workers may earn include medical, dental, and vision plans. Financial benefits provided through the company include 401(k) retirement plans with company matching and 529 college savings plans. Managers also enjoy weekends off, a job benefit nearly impossible to find in the restaurant industry.

Other Information About Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks

The popular, Southwest burger chain remains appreciative for the support local communities give to the business, and the chain gives back to the community through a multitude of initiatives. In total, the restaurant awards over half a million dollars annually to youth development programs. The restaurant supports elementary and high school programs through dine-in fundraisers, which award 20% of proceeds from guest purchases. Additionally, teachers may give high-achieving students Golden Pineapple Awards, which recipients redeem in restaurant for free meals. Islands Restaurants also funds sponsorships for local youth and adult sports teams.


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    does anyone know how much they pay?? I’m leaving my current job but I have and offer from islands but i also have one from petsmart so im just trying to weight the pros can cons before i make a decision.

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