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A local, value fashion retailer, It's Fashion operates as a division of Cato Corporation. The company commands over 100 stores throughout the southeastern United States, with headquarters in Charlotte, NC. The sizable company operations provide for thousands of jobs nationwide.

Facts About Working at It's Fashion

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at It's Fashion?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Training Manager, Field Manager, District Manager in Training, District Manager, Construction/Store Development Manager, Distribution Center Worker, Merchandiser, Financial Analyst, Accountant, Human Resources Generalist, Loss Prevention Manager, Marketing/Advertising Associate, Merchandise Planning & Allocation Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print It's Fashion application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

It’s Fashion Employment Opportunities

In the realm of fashion retail, the young adult age group remains referred to as juniors. It’s Fashion mostly stocks apparel suited for males and females of junior status, with apparel available in standard and plus sizes. Though one must stand 18 years of age to work with the company, individuals of the junior age group and demographic generally appeal favorably to hiring managers for sales associate positions. Though the retailer maintains smaller operations than other fashion houses, company store locations still experience high levels of turnover. The retail chain regularly needs new staff members for peak sales seasons, as well.

Known for trendy clothing and accessories, the retailer demonstrates preference for potential hires who exhibit knowledge of fashion developments and personal flair via dress. The company cultivates a relaxed yet spunky aesthetic and stocks merchandise such as overalls, textured jeans, booties, and novelty clutches. Additionally, It’s Fashion Metro operates as an extension of the corporation and sells clothes for boys, girls, infants, toddlers, and newborns in conjunction with the apparel regularly found at sister locations.

It’s Fashion Positions and Salary Information

It’s Fashion remains an equal opportunity employer, so interested candidates of any race, religion, gender, and so forth stand welcome to apply. The most attainable and available store positions remain entry-level jobs and lower-division careers in management. Some specific positions include:

Sales Associate

  • Deeply involved in customer satisfaction, sales associates help maintain sales floors or work cash registers.
  • Individuals interested in the position should possess the ability to remain friendly and upbeat while serving each customer, as clientele base store opinions off associate helpfulness and attitudes.
  • The position of sales associate also requires long periods of standing and irregular hours.
  • As an entry-level position, the customer-centric opportunity usually pays minimum wage as recompense.
  • Traditional store associate duties include straightening and maintaining displays, ensuring merchandise remains presentable and neat, answering any customer questions, offering suggestions for apparel to fit customer specifications, and running the point of sale area by neatly bagging items and processing cash and bank card transactions.

Assistant Manager

  • A position with promise of growth into further managerial duties with the company, assistant manager aids the store manager in ensuring the store operates smoothly.
  • Regular responsibilities of the position include monitoring customer satisfaction, ensuring each customer complaint receives the proper attention, leading store associates by example, distributing disciplinary action as necessary, implementing corporate policies, and learning the duties of store managers.
  • The position requires interested applicants to hold high school diplomas or the equivalent and previous experience working in fashion retail.
  • Assistant managers with It’s Fashion make annual salary options of approximately $20,000 to $25,000.

Store Manager

  • Store manager positions usually fill with individuals possessing at least three years of managerial experience, since the job requires high levels of responsibility, knowledge, and leadership.
  • Managers take on hiring and training of new store associates, firing individuals who repeatedly infringe on codes of conduct, coordinating and posting work schedules in timely manners, taking inventory and ordering new stock as appropriate, and monitoring store activity to ensure highest productivity.
  • Usually a full-time position, individuals interested in the job should possess excellent people skills, flexible schedules, and remain highly organized.
  • The position yields salary options from $27,000 to $30,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

Since It’s Fashion remains a fashion-forward, value boutique, capitalizing on personal style stands a great way to catch the attention of hiring managers. Dressing in clothes which showcase individual panache for in-person interviews allows store supervisors to assess whether individuals provide good fits for the company. Additionally, highlighting any previous retail experience or personal attributes suited for the industry on resumes allows potential hires to stand out. Conducting research on the corporation and preparing for questions thoroughly also allows individuals to demonstrate professionalism and dedication.

Application Status

Persistently checking the status of a job application may seem pushy but remains the best way to receive timely answers. After interviews, managers usually provide time frames in which the interviewer intends to get back to the applicant. If the promised day passes without contact, calling into the store and requesting to speak to the manager remains as a great way to check the status of an application.

Benefits of Working at It’s Fashion

It’s Fashion offers job benefits to full-time employees only. Full-time staff, such as managers and assistant managers, stand eligible for basic benefit packages. Health insurance, paid time off, and the option to participate in a 401(k) plan stand as the available amenities. However, discounts on merchandise may stand readily available to both part-time and full-time workers.

More Information on It’s Fashion

As a branch of Cato, It’s Fashion locations regularly accept the Cato credit card alongside MasterCard and Discover. The card stands issued by Cedar Hill National Bank and qualifies holders for special discounts and sales within the store. Card holders may also opt into receiving special fashion-related news. The card charges no annual fees; however, interested applicants must first receive credit approval to open Cato card accounts.

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