It’s Fashion Interview Questions & Tips

Common Questions and Interview Formats

Value-focused youth fashion retailer It's Fashion looks for quality associates to fill sales and management jobs companywide. The retail store uses a basic interview process to screen eligible workers. For a sales associate job, an applicant needs pass one face-to-face interview with a store manager. Managerial applicants usually encounter multiple interviews, either held 1:1 or against a panel of recruitment personnel. During the interview process, hiring managers ask questions about work experience, availability, and sales skills. Some common inquires posed in interviews include, "What is your sales experience?" and "What does customer service mean to you?" Job seekers are often tested on fashion knowledge, as well.

Fashion, Customer Service, and Personality

Applicants should dress fashionable yet professional for It's Fashion job interviews. If possible, candidates should wear company clothing to interviews to show passion for the band. During interviews, job seekers want to emphasize customer service and sales skills. To best demonstrate skills, potential hires want to bring up examples from relevant work experiences. Candidates that lack prior work experience should make up for the fact by showcasing favorable personality traits, such as bubbly natures and high enthusiasm. A few days after interviews conclude, candidates should check back with It's Fashion and inquire about hiring decisions.


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