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Jack's Family Restaurants, commonly shortened to Jack's, oversees a quick-service restaurant chain that serves as an ideal place for job seekers to find employment. With restaurants across multiple Southeastern states, the regional chain uses the frequent hiring of new employees to ensure each location remains fully staffed. Applicants routinely come across entry-level job openings and management career opportunities available throughout the restaurant chain. The company website enables submission of online job applications.

Facts About Working at Jack's Family Restaurant

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Jack's Family Restaurant?)

Available Positions: Host, Server, Team Member, Cashier, Cook, Dishwasher, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Jack’s Family Restaurant Employment Overlook

Entry-level candidates often submit hiring forms online for cashier or crew member jobs. Like many fast food restaurants, Jack’s specializes in burgers, chicken, and fries and hires workers primarily to serve customers. The Southeastern burger chain maintains an extensive training program, which allows job seekers without any work experience to secure hiring consideration for entry-level positions. Applicants with sociable personalities, dependable work ethics, flexible schedule availability, and a desire to learn new skills generally enjoy the best chances of gaining entry-level employment.

Employees often work up to careers in management after joining the Jack’s labor force as entry-level associates. The burger chain also accepts applications for management positions from workers with experience gained from other restaurants. Accountable for the overall performance of the restaurant, managers take charge of numerous responsibilities related to sales and finance, quality control, and human resources. Managerial associates typically enjoy competitive annual salary options and several additional employment benefits in return for taking on the increased workload.

Jack’s Family Restaurants Job Opportunities and Pay Scales

While managers generally work full-time, entry-level employees frequently take advantage of the flexibility that comes with having a part-time schedule. Jack’s offers a variety of shifts for associates to work throughout the day, as the restaurant chain serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The quick-service restaurant chain hires workers into positions such as:


  • Typically the first employee that customers see upon arriving at the restaurant, cashiers work behind the counter and input guest orders into point-of-sale systems.
  • Cashiers also collect payments and make change, distribute food orders to customers, and handle special requests.
  • Applicants should have basic math skills and the ability to operate a computerized cash register.
  • The entry-level job also demands superb interpersonal skills, as cashiers constantly interact with restaurant guests as well as coworkers.
  • Jack’s generally pays cashiers between minimum wage and $8.00 an hour.

Crew Member

  • Primarily responsible for handling food and cooking menu items, crew members work in kitchen areas of the restaurant.
  • Crew member jobs heavily involve operating grills and fryers to cook food, packaging finished menu items appropriately, and cleaning kitchen equipment.
  • Candidates applying to work as crew members need to hold high standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and food safety.
  • Applicants should also feel comfortable working in hectic environments, especially during peak dining hours.
  • Pay for crew members typically hovers around $8.00 or $9.00 per hour.


  • Each restaurant location employs a general manager and one or more assistant managers to ensure business operations remain efficient and profitable.
  • Managers achieve restaurant success by hiring optimal numbers of workers, training new employees thoroughly, maintaining high levels of productivity during each work shift, and increasing sales to exceed financial targets.
  • Additional responsibilities include managing inventory, handling scheduling and payroll, implementing new items and promotions, and responding to customer concerns.
  • Previous restaurant experience, particularly in a leadership or supervisory role, generally proves helpful in landing managerial jobs.
  • Salary options start around $25,000 per year for assistant managers and increase up to $35,000 or $40,000 annually for general managers.

Tips For Applying

Applicants must complete brief questionnaires prior to accessing Jack’s Family Restaurant hiring forms for both entry-level team member jobs and professional careers. The questionnaires take around 10 minutes to fill out and ask specifics about positions desired, shift preferences, Social Security numbers, telephone numbers, and zip codes. Additional questions touch on age, ability to work in inclusive, diverse job settings, and experience in the industry. Candidates should remain conscious of the differences in questions between the entry-level employee assessment and the test used for prospective full-time managers.

Application Status

Jack’s Family Restaurant usually responds to applications within a week. Contenders receive email confirmations after submitting hiring forms online, or receive general time tables from management if handing over the documents manually in person. Using personal visits to inquire about subsequent steps in the hiring process or schedule interviews remains perfectly acceptable and may lead to preferential treatment from managers. Candidates may call or email hiring personnel to check on applications, as well. Wait at least a day or two after sending in the required paperwork to reach out to managers. Communicating too soon after entering submissions may bog down recruitment officials and result in negative review.

Benefits of Working at Jack’s Family Restaurants

All associates enjoy the benefits of flexible work schedules, weekly pay, and full on-job training. Workers also take advantage of frequent opportunities for professional advancement, as many employees in upper management positions started down the career path as entry-level associates. As workers move up the chain of command, employment benefits generally become more widely available and often include perks like medical insurance and 401(k) retirement plans.

More Details on Jack’s Family Restaurants

Featuring salads and sides in addition to full meals, the Jack’s menu includes breakfast items as well as selections for the rest of the day. The breakfast menu revolves around biscuits made from scratch and ranges from simple sandwiches to deluxe platters with scrambled eggs and grits. As a restaurant chain based in the South, Jack’s offers green beans and mashed potatoes as sides to go with a full range of burgers and chicken sandwiches. The burger chain also serves Blue Bell ice cream for dessert and allows customers to place large orders online ahead of time.


  • Ruby Miles says:

    I think it was around 2001-2002 I worked at Jack’s in Carbon Hill.I was a biscuit maker- got there early in the morning- helped the other woman set up the veggies and other things on the line- then I started setting up my area for making biscuits- I made,cooked and gave out the biscuits when needed- when breakfast was over, I gathered up my pans and utensils and washed them and my area, and the ovens.I sometimes made gravy, fried bacon, sausage, pancakes- I made the pancake batter sometimes-washed breakfast pans- I sometimes got veggies out of cooler and washed, sliced, diced, and refilled pans.Sometimes I I fixed the chicken by rolling them around in the special chicken flour, and deep frying it.

  • Lori says:

    I worked for the Jack’s Family Restaurant in Ohatchee, Alabama back in 1996-1998. I did everything from working front-line, cashier, dining room, drive-thru, cook, made sandwiches, washed dishes. I also opened and closed the store.

  • nelda Burch says:

    i was a hostess at jacks on hwy 157 in cullman for about 3 years…i kept the lobby super clean, helped the customers, served thier needs. i made coffee,tea and whatever was needed…i also carried out trash kept restrooms extra clean and supplied and worked on commodes…i also kept the parking lot swept up and flower beds cleaned of trash.

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