Jack’s Family Restaurant Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Jack's Family Restaurant

Jack's Family Restaurant operates a traditional, American fast food chain specializing in burgers and found throughout the South. The burger joint boasts around 120 locations and hires entry-level workers and aspiring professionals on a regular basis. To gain consideration, eligible candidates pass through 1:1 interviews with hiring representatives. Most applicants participate in only one interview, even for managerial roles. The interviews last around 20 to 30 minutes. At the end of the final interview, as some locations may impose two hiring sessions, personnel make final decisions and either extend formal job offers or pass on candidates.

Ways to Impress and What to Expect

The most commonly cited characteristic hiring managers look for in potential workers centers on availability. Workers typically start out working irregular schedules and move into more attractive or regular shifts over time. The ability to work all hours or a wide range of schedules opens candidates up to additional hiring consideration. Jack's Family Restaurant also takes pride in catering to families and offering exceptional customer service. Friendly individuals who demonstrate attentive and personable personalities generally fare extremely well during job interviews. Hiring personnel may also ask about personal and professional experiences during the interview process. Interview questions often used include: "Why do you want to work for a fast food restaurant?" and "What experiences in your past have prepared you for the job?"

Drug Testing and Background Checks

The interview sessions take on conversational tones and more or less gauge personality as opposed to strictly discussing employment histories. Drug screenings and background checks may prove necessary for supervisors, assistant managers, and restaurant managers. Any drug testing or background checks take place after candidates receive offers of employment but prior to the first day of work. Many applicants complete the entire Jack's Family Restaurant hiring process within a few days.


  • john says:

    were are you located

  • Christy Bradley says:

    I recently had gone through 2 interviews for savannah Tennessee store and today i was told that I am not getting the job because I have visible tattoos which can be covered by long sleeve or bandages. I have experience in restaurant Management and great work history. Does it say anything in the application about tattoo? Or being disqualified because of tattoos?

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