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Founded in 1990, Jamba Juice remains a leading employer in the food industry. Employees thrive in positive, service-oriented environments. The smoothie retail chain maintains an international presence and creates numerous job opportunities.

Facts About Working at Jamba Juice

Minimum Age to Work at Jamba Juice: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Jamba Juice?)

Jamba Juice Hours of Operation: Open every day: 6:30am-9:00pm

Available Positions at Jamba Juice: Team Member, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Support Center Customer Service Representative, Support Center Supervisor, Regional Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Jamba Juice application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

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Jamba Juice Employment Opportunities

Desirable positions for career seekers persist at over 800 Jamba Juice locations. Motivated individuals often find nearby stores looking for friendly and hardworking applicants as turnover rates remain steady. Franchised locations also spread quickly and create further job opportunities for work hopefuls. The company continues expansion and opens new shops regularly. Stores looking for new workers exist in Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and the Philippines along with an abundant presence of U.S. locations.

Jamba Juice hires for a wide variety of roles. Management, food preparation, and customer service positions widely stand available to employment seekers in stores. Supply, distribution, and call center support workers find employment with the company, as well. Higher management positions may involve overseeing multiple stores from a central office location. In addition, corporate headquarters buildings need to employ marketing, sales, and administrative professionals. However, smoothie shops remain the most consistent source of accessible jobs with the company.

Jamba Juice Positions and Pay Scales

Job seekers 16 years of age and older may obtain employment with Jamba Juice. Rewarding employment opportunities exist for entry-level candidates as well as seasoned professionals. team members must maintain availabilities of at least 16 hours per week. Workers must also periodically enter freezers and stock in cold temperatures. Candidates with previous food service experience fare well in applying for employment with the chain. However, jobs remain largely accessible to inexperienced work hopefuls, as well. The following positions prove available in Jamba Juice stores:

Team Members – Team members make smoothies, keep stores clean, and provide essential customer service to Jamba Juice guests. Positions include basic team member roles, masters of blending arts, or MBAs, and shift leads. Typical responsibilities for basic team jobs include operating cash registers, accurately and quickly blending drinks, preparing food items, greeting customers, and keeping work areas tidy and sanitary. MBAs carry out the same duties, while also maintaining expert knowledge on smoothie products. Shift leads perform management duties in absence of supervisory workers. Duties involve answering customer and employee questions, upholding safety and quality standards, and motivating sales drives for other laborers. Positions regularly involve prolonged standing, bending, stooping, and lifting up to 40lbs. Entry-level team members earn between minimum wage and $8.75 hourly, while MBAs often make $9.00 per hour. Pay for shift leads averages about $10.75 an hour.

Management – Store management duties stand divided between assistant general managers, or AGMs, and general managers, or GMs. Responsibilities include hiring and training workers, reporting sales and inventory numbers to corporate officials, and supervising store operations. Positions require full-time availability, computer literacy skills, and high school diplomas or equivalents. In addition, college degrees or extensive management experience may prove necessary for GM roles. Age requirements prohibit individuals under 18 years of age from applying for AGM positions and persons under 21 from seeking work as GMs. Assistant general managers garner $12.25 per hour, while annual salary options for general managers hover around $50,000.

Tips For Applying

Candidates should display team-player mentalities and positive attitudes. The company prefers to hire upbeat individuals to continue providing excellent customer service. Employment seekers with food service or communications backgrounds fare well in applying to the business. Open work availabilities also remain desirable traits in candidates. In keeping with relaxed corporate culture, hiring managers encourage applicants to wear business-casual attire to interviews. Applications stand available online and in Jamba Juice store locations.

Application Status

Work hopefuls wait to receive interview callbacks from managers after submitting hiring forms to Jamba Juice. Call or visit stores during traditionally slower business hours to speak with human resources personnel. Applicants generally succeed in obtaining jobs with the company through patient and polite follow up. Hiring processes typically take between three days and two weeks.

Benefits of Working at Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice offers attractive work benefits for employees of all levels. Full-time managers generally enjoy job perks such as insurance options and paid time off. In addition, the company features 401(k) retirement plans for workers, including entry-level team members. However, employees must stand at least 21 years of age to qualify for savings incentives, regardless of position. Workers also pay discounted rates on smoothies and other menu items whether on shift or not.

More Details on Jamba Juice

Committed to healthy living, the restaurant chain promotes wellness for children and adults through nutrition and fitness. The company supports the Team Up for a Healthy America program pledging donations alongside customers for juveniles to gain access to athletic equipment. Jamba Juice also maintains a blog offering dietary advice and information to aid individuals with becoming healthier. Corporate headquarters for the business sit in Emeryville, CA.

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