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Also known as JAL, Japan Airlines became the country's national carrier in 1953. The company now flies to dozens of countries, transporting millions of passengers worldwide.

Facts About Working at Japan Airlines

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Japan Airlines?)

Available Positions: Flight Attendant, Cabin Crew Member, Ground Handling Staff Member, In-Flight Service Associate, Baggage Handler/Ramp Operations Agent

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Japan Airlines Job Opportunities

Visit Different Locations

Airports are hubs of travel, and jobs at Japan Airlines may allow employees easy passage to a range of locales. For some, the size of this global industry is a chance to move to a new city, country, or even continent. The ability to transfer is a benefit of a JAL career.

Get in Touch with the Culture

Many people with jobs at JAL are of Japanese descent. Whether you have ancestry in the nation or not, working at Japan Airlines is a way to engage with its society and customs. Workers can brush up on the language with clients and colleagues.

Work in a Fast-Paced Setting

JAL hires quick, friendly workers to get passengers and planes where they need to be on time. Airport work is brisk and stimulating, and an employee will have many duties, either on flights or in the terminal. Japan Airlines jobs are perfect for multi-taskers.

Employment and Salary Information for Japan Airlines

Due to the non-stop nature of air travel, those who submit entry-level job applications to JAL can expect a variety of shifts. This could involve nights, weekends, and holidays. Rather than hourly wages, most roles come with salary packages. Full-time and part-time Japan Airlines jobs include:

Ground Handling Staff Member

  • The position earns around $23k per year to start.
  • Workers move cargo, guide planes, drive machines, and inspect the aircraft.
  • This Japan Airlines job entails work outdoors and moderate to heavy lifting.
  • Many employees enter this career part-time, then move to full-time employment.

Customer Service Representative

  • Though pay rates may increase, this Japan Airlines job begins at $25k annually.
  • These representatives work service desks, check luggage, book flights, and assist travelers.
  • Employees must be personable, decisive, and helpful when dealing with clients.

Flight Attendant

  • JAL usually looks to hire for this position at $25k a year, but salary options can expand.
  • Safety demos, food service, and customer relations are vital to this Japan Airlines career.
  • Flight attendants are accommodating, pleasant, and responsive to passenger needs.
  • Members of the cabin crew must travel, so the job may require nights away from home.

Tips for Applying

It is best to submit a Japan Airlines job application form on the web. Apply online through the company’s career page, or contact an HR rep. Hopefuls might need to turn in a cover letter and resume as well. Any worker who speaks Japanese should be sure to mention it.

Application Status

Hiring for JAL jobs often takes a while because of background checks and drug tests. The interview process lasts several rounds, so watch for communications from the company. It’s good to contact a manager roughly two weeks after submitting a Japan Airlines application to check in.

Benefits of Working at Japan Airlines

Aside from pay, employees get a number of perks. Some Japan Airlines careers come with free or discounted flights. Most jobs get healthcare coverage, days for vacation, and paid time off. Other employment benefits may include:

  • Vision and dental, in addition to medical insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Life Insurance

Along with these job benefits, certain JAL careers get yearly bonuses.

Additional Information about Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is part of the Oneworld alliance. This group brings together air carriers across the globe. Through a frequent flyer program, customers can earn points to use across all associated airlines.


  • Current JAL employee says:

    In order to apply for a cabin crew position (Flight Attendant, etc.) you can find information on the JAL recruitment website. Unfortunately, the page is in Japanese only. All cabin crew positions are handled by the Japan Airlines headquarters in Japan.

    If you would like to work as a Customer Service Agent with Japan Airlines in the U.S., there is one call center located in El Segundo, California. More information can be found by going to the “Career Opportunities” section of the JAL website.

    To work for Japan Airlines as a Customer Service Agent in the U.S., you do NOT need to be Japanese or know Japanese.

    Hope this helps you all! Good luck!

    • gordon fedellaga says:

      can i ask if they accept non-Japanese applying as Cabin crew even if they dont speak japanese?

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