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International air carrier Japan Airlines offers widespread opportunities for part-time and full-time work featuring exceptional salary options and job benefits. Workers may apply for positions in customer service, in-flight services, maintenance and grounds crew, or navigation. Qualifications vary by specific field.

Facts About Working at Japan Airlines

Minimum Age to Work at Japan Airlines: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Japan Airlines?)

Japan Airlines Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Japan Airlines: Reservation Call Center Agent, Customer Service Agent, Flight Attendant, Cabin Crew Member, Ground Control Team Member, Pilot, In-Flight Service Associate, Airport Customer Service-Ticketing/Gate Agent, Baggage Handler/Ramp Operations Agent, Cargo Agent, Account Executive, Benefits Analyst, Assistant Engineer/Junior Engineer

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Japan Airlines Job Opportunities

The most accessible positions available with the airline include entry-level customer service jobs. Potential employees who enjoy working with the general public and possess exceptional attention to detail may make ideal customer service candidates. The high-stress and often scrutinized customer service work generally for hire in customer service requires patience and diligence. Job settings usually include loud gateways filled with thousands of people daily. Applicants must show capacities for working in challenging environments and desires to adapt and work well with others in order to carry out assigned duties.

Other career opportunities involve much more stringent hiring requirements. Applicants may choose from work aboard commercial or cargo aircraft or as part of grounds crews. Inflight positions generally involve the same level of attention paid to travelers as customer service jobs. Grounds crew associates often work in small teams or independently to ensure safe mechanical workings of aircraft and to see all luggage boards the correct airplanes. Pilots and co-pilot jobs represent the sole navigation positions available aboard Japan Airlines aircraft. Applicants must pass through extensive training and certification processes in order to work as pilots and co-pilots; however, the international airline rewards inflight personnel with handsome pay and employment benefits packages.

Japan Airlines Employment and Pay Scales Information

Japan Airlines follows the minimum hiring age held by most airlines in the industry and sets the standard at 18. The minimum age requirement generally applies to entry-level positions. Some opportunities may require applicants to stand as old as 21 to gain employment. Workers also generally need to pass through specialized training in order to assume available jobs as well as pass background checks and drug screening. Official review for employment may last months on end for some positions, especially for flight attendant and piloting jobs. The international airline regularly needs to hire for the following positions:

Customer Service Agent – One of the most basic positions available with the airline, customer service agent jobs primarily place associates at service desks in major airports. Main responsibilities include greeting travelers, checking luggage, reserving seats, booking flights, providing boarding procedures, and assisting passengers aboard aircrafts, if necessary. Motivated, assertive, and patient individuals often receive hiring consideration over other applicants. Customer service agent employees also need sound computer skills and developed interpersonal abilities. Intensive training prior to official hiring usually covers basic elements of interacting with customers; however, individuals who demonstrate communications acumen during the recruitment process generally standout in applicant fields. A full-time opportunity, the position requires rigid scheduling, which often includes odd hours spanning nights, weekends, and holidays. Starting pay begins around $25,000 to $30,000 a year, with annual salary options topping out at $40,000, in most cases.

Flight Attendant – Another position dealing directly with passengers, flight attendant jobs center on catering to travelers and providing inflight services aboard aircraft. The employment opportunity features long, irregular hours consisting of changing time zones and general rigors of air travel. Oftentimes, flight attendants hop from flight to flight with little downtime in between. Workers must prove adaptable and energetic to assume the role as well as dedicated to customer service and providing memorable experiences for travelers. Japan Airlines may also impose certain height restrictions, as applicants must possess the ability to reach overhead compartments with ease to load and unload luggage for passengers. Accommodating patron needs stands as a primary function of the role. Flight attendants also provide safety instructions prior to takeoff and keep passengers informed of projected arrival times. The job generally features full-time scheduling. Average salary options range from $35,000 a year to more than $50,000 for experienced flight attendants.

Ground Control Team Member – Also known as grounds crew associates, ground control team members perform manual labor as part of daily job duties. Key tasks include loading and unloading aircrafts, operating gate ramps, and refueling jets. The physical demands of the job require applicants to stand in good health prior to joining the Japan Airlines team. Taking direction and maintaining reliable work ethics also prove beneficial to prospective ground control team members. Part-time and full-time opportunities exist in the role; however, most employees work full-time due to the demanding nature of the airline industry. Pay scales start around $25,000 a year and rise to roughly $35,000 or $40,000 annually over time.

Tips For Applying

In order to apply for Japan Airlines jobs, workers may need to contact a local hub to inquire about positions. The airline also manages a company website, which allows applicants to reach out to human resources personnel via email. Either method proves sufficient in learning more about available jobs. Serious candidates often need to submit updated resumes and letters of intent to the international airline in order to fully declare interest in a specific position. Experience in the industry and proper certifications stand as pivotal hiring points recruitment officials use to screen potential employees. The ability to pass drug screening and background checks also influences overall hiring decisions. Applicants should possess the ability to speak English and other Oriental languages, such as different dialects of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai, due to the typical destinations the airline frequently offers.

Application Status

Workers must call or email hiring personnel in order to check on outstanding applications. The hiring process often involves several intensive stages of review prior the extension of job offers. At minimum, applicants should expect to spend about a month going through formal review. Some positions may include multiple months of screening and training. Hiring officials usually inform applicants of intent to hire after two or three interviews.

Benefits of Working for Japan Airlines

Frequent travel, free flights, and generous pay rank as three highly typical job benefits provided to Japan Airlines associates. The international company offers healthcare options, 401(k) retirement plans, and other work/life balance employment benefits to qualified individuals, as well. Specific work benefits available often vary by position. Training programs and ongoing career development programs also stand readily accessible to associates of the airline.

More Information on Japan Airlines Employment

Japan Airlines logs traveler flight miles in order to better serve customers and provide rewards for patronage. The airline offers online tools to track mileage as frequent passengers reach rewards plateaus. After accessing the company homepage, travelers then click on the JAL Mileage Bank to review past flights and check on benefits disbursement. The mileage bank requires patrons create profiles with usernames and passwords to access the data.

One user comment:

  1. Current JAL employee

    In order to apply for a cabin crew position (Flight Attendant, etc.) you can find information on the JAL recruitment website. Unfortunately, the page is in Japanese only. All cabin crew positions are handled by the Japan Airlines headquarters in Japan.

    If you would like to work as a Customer Service Agent with Japan Airlines in the U.S., there is one call center located in El Segundo, California. More information can be found by going to the “Career Opportunities” section of the JAL website.

    To work for Japan Airlines as a Customer Service Agent in the U.S., you do NOT need to be Japanese or know Japanese.

    Hope this helps you all! Good luck!


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