Japan Airlines Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Japan Airlines

The Path to The Interview

Hopefuls can use the Japan Airlines career site to apply online. Application forms may also be available at the carrier's check-in desk, but a call or email first could save you a trip. Contact an HR agent who will point the way to the proper paperwork. It is best to have a resume and cover letter ready to submit.

Important Papers

If the job involves global travel, make sure to have a passport. Candidates also need a driver's license or other form of identification, such as a social security card. Prior to a Japan Airlines interview, the hiring staff may request further documentation for a background check. No special licensure is needed to operate most vehicles on the tarmac.

Tips for Japan Airlines Interviews

Planes and Preparation

Pilots need extensive training, but entry-level workers can benefit from aviation knowledge as well. Applicants with little airport experience should familiarize themselves with industry terms and practices for the interview process. Knowing the names and purposes of different aircraft, machinery, and policies gives interviewees a leg up.

Consider the Company

Light research on Japanese business culture and customs goes a long way in a Japan Airlines job interview. Many of your future customers and colleagues will be citizens of the country. Practice proper etiquette to show that you are thoughtful and serious about employment. Of course, always be respectful.

Frequent Japan Airlines Interview Questions

What Will the Interviewer Ask?

The following often arise in this air carrier's job interviews:

The interview process for Japan Airlines is intense and selective. Applicants should prepare by practicing answers aloud, holding mock interviews with friends, or talking with a person who is already in the field. Jobs at this heavily regulated company follow from smart, tactful responses.

How to Dress for a Japan Airlines Interview

What Should You Wear?

Japan Airlines interviews are formal. With the emphasis on security and safety in air travel, it is important to project competence with your clothing in the hiring process. For women, a fine blouse, pressed pants, and nice shoes are the look. Men swap the top for a collared shirt and tie. It even helps to dress up for a phone interview to boost confidence.

Landing the Job

Be Patient

Going through several rounds of interviews at Japan Airlines is common, so it is good to have a large set of in-depth answers ready for questions. Officials must vet each applicant for airport clearance, and this takes time. Depending on the career, the hiring process can take from one to six months. Technical hires may end up taking longer after testing.

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