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Hiring process information for an interview at Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines Interview Process

Job seekers looking to work for the third-largest airline group in the world must successfully navigate a series of interviews to gain consideration for employment. The Japanese flag-carrying airline usually makes hiring decisions based on two or three job interviews. Typically scheduled by email, Japan Airlines interview sessions often assume the form of group or panel sessions conducted by multiple airline hiring officials.

First and Second Rounds

The interview process ordinarily starts with a preliminary group session featuring introductory questions like: "Why do you want to work for Japan Airlines?" and other general queries. The commercial airliner then invites shortlisted applicants to return for further interviewing within a week of completing the initial group interview. Later rounds of interviews frequently include personality tests in addition to assessments designed to evaluate any East Asian language skills required by the specific position. Candidates should also expect more intensive interview questions in later stages, such as, "How would you maintain control over a chaotic situation in-flight?"

Preparing for Interviews

When preparing for job interviews, applicants should research the distinctive etiquette common to Japanese corporate culture and dress accordingly. Like most businesses headquartered in the East Asian country, the major airline requires employee uniforms to demonstrate professional efficiency and conservative colors. Interview attire should reflect similar standards. Dark suits with tastefully muted ties make ideal outfits for male interviewees, while females should wear modest skirts and keep long hair pulled back. Before arriving suitably early to interviews, applicants should prepare to highlight relevant scenarios from previous jobs and to ask specific questions about Japan Airlines at the end of the meeting. The entire interview process may take as long as a month to complete.

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