Jared Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Jared

A major consortium of precious metals and stones, Jared Galleria of Jewelry takes prospective associates through a thorough yet straightforward hiring process generally lasting only one to two weeks at most. The diamond emporium uses the interview process to screen for workers with the ability to provide excellent customer service as well as exceptional sales skills. Both attributes rank highly among hiring managers in potential workers. Experience in general retail sales or jewelry sales in particular may lead to increased leverage during salary negotiations, although the jewelry store does not necessarily require previous sales experience to work any available jobs.

Multiple Interviews and Questionnaires

Candidates ranging from managerial job seekers to aspiring entry-level professionals must successfully complete each portion of the hiring process to gain employment. Jared Galleria of Jewelry implements several methods of screening candidates, including 1:1 interviews and questionnaires. Typical employment hopefuls, like sales associate job seekers, meet with assistant general managers and general managers during the hiring process as well as direct supervisors. On average, candidates interview with hiring personnel in succession, followed by the questionnaire, which often features up to 100 sales and customer service-based questions posed as hypothetical situations and provided in multiple choice or short-hand response. Each interview session typically only lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

How Should I Act and What Should I Wear?

Applicants should wear best dress and arrive as well groomed as possible. Clean-cut, charismatic, and articulate individuals generally outperform other Jared job seekers.

Questions about Sales and Jewelry

Jared hiring managers look for workers with detail-oriented personalities and some industry knowledge of gems, precious metals, precious stones, and jewelry, in general. Many interview questions posed during Jared job interview touch on industry-specific subjects as well as basic customer service and sales protocol. Jared interview questions may include: "What specific examples of positive sales contributions can you provide from past jobs?", "If someone were to accidentally damage an expensive piece, how would you handle the situation?", and "Do you perform well in situations that require you to multitask and prioritize?"

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