JEA Interview Questions & Tips

What to Expect

A Florida-based utility company, JEA provides electric, water, and sewer services to almost 500,000 customers. With customer service and meter-reading job opportunities readily available, the utility outfit screens for talented individuals to join the growing company workforce on a regular basis. Most applicants receive contact from a recruitment official within a week or two of requesting employment. Interview formats may vary depending on the anticipated job title; however, most associates cite participating in face-to-face panel interviews. Other hiring steps may include skills or personality assessments and additional meetings with company higher-ups.

Examples of Typical Interview Questions

Job hopefuls should prepare answers to common inquiries like:

  • "Why do you want to work at JEA?"
  • "What qualifies you to fill this position?"
  • "How do you cope with stressful work situations?"

Other Ways to Prepare

Additional preparation tactics include researching the company, reviewing employment history, and brushing up on skills pertinent to the position desired. Attend each meeting several minutes early and tailor interview apparel to fit the level of professionalism required by the job. Business-casual attire typically proves acceptable for entry-level job interviews. Applicants with previous experience in the utilities industry or customer service jobs generally perform well during hiring sessions. Listen carefully to inquiries and pause briefly before responding to difficult questions. Avoid rambling off-topic, and utilize fitting examples from past employment when necessary. The interview process often takes three or four weeks to complete. Remain patient, and follow up with hiring staff after each meeting, if appropriate.


  • russell says:

    need to take a civil service test for JEA . the position is material handler operator . like to have some info on what to study. thanks.

  • kawn says:

    How was the test? What was it like? Please repond.

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