Jerry’s Subs and Pizza Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Jerry's Subs And Pizza

Background Information

Jerry's Subs and Pizza remains a staple of the Washington, D.C., area since the 1950s. The restaurant chain maintains more than 140 locations. With more stores opening regularly, the pizza shop conducts various job interviews to fill vacancies. Performing successfully during interviews represents the best way to receive hiring consideration and a potential offer of employment.

Interview Styles and Common Questions

The most common interview styles used include one-on-one sessions with a store manager or other hiring representative. Most interviews consist of straightforward conversation between the applicant and a Jerry's restaurant manager. Candidates mostly respond to questions about the job, such as the required duties, responsibilities, potential work environments, and commitment to responsibilities and other crew members. Additional questions may seem administrative in nature and often deal with reliable transportation, availability, willingness to work, and ability to thrive as part of a team. Answering each question in a positive and well-thought-out nature resonates with management and often leads to formally extended offers of employment.

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